Tips & Techniques: Layering Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains

  One of the most popular Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains is the Rustic Barn Red (#1089). Also, one of the Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains that frightens some customers the most is the Rustic Barn Red. This is because when modelers see the Rustic Barn Red in the jar it looks to be a glowing red-pink color which is one of the last colors a modelers may want to see on their favorite structure or model. Sounds like a conundrum, right?

  The thing that most modelers do not realize is that many times a color in it's container will not dry to be the exact same color. This is why we put so much effort in displaying samples of Doctor Ben's Stains, Solutions, and Pigments so that customer have a better understanding of what the product will look like when it is used and, if it is applied wet or dry. And if you have never noticed, only one other the Doctor Ben's weathering products have a gloss finish; do you know which one it is?

  So, the image at right is an example of applying both the Doctor Ben's Rustic Barn Red and Doctor Ben's Aged Driftwood (#1097) using the laying technique described in all three of our Doctor Ben's How-To booklets. The two samples are from our "OOPS" bin and originally were product test samples that we do each and every time a Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain is mixed and packaged. The casting on the left is a typical Labstone casting where only the Doctor Ben's Rustic Barn Red was applied. Are are a number of Doctor Ben's products that could be layer on the Barn Red, but this technique will focus on the casting on the right next to the Aged Driftwood Stain.

1) Aged Driftwood is applied to the casting and allowed to dry. 2) Barn Red is applied liberally and allowed to dry for a few seconds and then wiped off with a finger or the paint brush that was used to apply the Barn Red Stain after the brush was cleaned and dried. 3) Allow the Barn Red to dry and the apply a "thinned" coat of Doctor Ben's Instant Age to make those wood brains and crevasses pop!

  That's it ... no rocket science here, just some weathering physics! Give it a try and send us some images of your experience.