Can Dr. Ben's Weathering Products be used on resin?

You may have used alcohol based weathering solutions with fantastic results on wood, or plaster kits in the past, but we are here to attest that they can also be used with fabulous results on resin kits as well! 

True, the process is different because the resin is not porous, however, this can, in fact, work to your benefit. Keep reading and you'll see what we're saying.  

Just a few benefits:

  • What if you make a mistake and want to change the color? No problem! Since the resin is not porous, it is easy to wipe off using rubbing alcohol and start over. Try doing that with wood or plaster! 
  • Got too much product on an area? Simply use cotton swabs or paper towel dipped in rubbing alcohol and wipe away the extra. Actually, this process is one of Jim's favorite techniques to achieve amazing results of aged, rusty metal in particular. 
  • The pigments settle to the bottom of the jar with the alcohol on the top. What would be annoying in most products is actually a feature that we love to take advantage of. Depending on how much you stir the pigment into the solution you can achieve varied results which adds a surprising amount of versatility. 
  • A jar of Dr Ben's Weathering Solution lasts a very long time and when the alcohol evaporates, simply pour in more rubbing alcohol and you're back in business making this a very economical choice in weathering solutions! Pun intended
  • We offer this weathering solution in 10 different colors as well as a variety of dry weathering pigments from Dr. Ben's. 

Another advantage exclusive to Frenchman River:

We color our resin parts with gray coloring for "metal" parts and a medium brown for "wood" parts. What this means for you is that, especially when it comes to aged wood, the process of painting and weathering is so easy that you'll wonder why you ever stressed about getting it right in the first place. 


For Example


Check out the realistic wood shingles on the O/On30 1:48 Poseidon Canning Company: The Office Addition.

These results were super easy using just 3 products. 



The color we use for our "wood" resin parts is a medium brown. This is great for several reasons. First, it gives you a jump start on painting your model and second, it is an advantage because when your model gets scratched...and it invariably aren't left with a glaring white blemish. The wood colored resin is colored all the way through the part which means that no matter how deep the scratch is, it will not be as noticeable. 

To achieve these quick, easy and impressive results we used Dr Ben's Weathering Solutions in these colors:

Wait...weathered rust? For wood?

Yes! Actually, it blends perfectly with the "wood" color of our resin parts. The pigment settles into the wood grain cast in place and deepens the brown into a very convincing simulation of aging wood. You know, when it's darkening due to age before it turns silvery?

Simply apply light washes of the product with a paint brush until you're happy with the color and details.

Next, repeat the process with the Instant Age Weathering Solution. The black pigment settles into the details making them really pop! Quick tip: hold the part upside down allowing the pigment to settle into the details. This deepens the shadows of the shingle that's laying on top of the next one.If the second color is moving the first color around too much, you can seal the first layer with an acrylic spray to set it and then continue with the second color.

The white trim on The Office Addition was painted using Doctor Ben's Titanium White Weathering Dry Pigment. Simply wet a small brush with rubbing alcohol, dip the wet brush in the dry pigment powder and swirl in the lid to make a "paint" to apply to the trim. This technique works amazingly well. You have to try it to believe it! Frenchman River also carries a variety of dry pigment powders that can be used as weathering chalks, or paints. It is recommended that these are sealed using the Fix-A-Tive or acrylic sealer. 

After your model is dry, give it a quick spritz with Fix-A-Tive. Details below.



NEW at Frenchman River


We highly recommend this unique sealer product from Dr Ben's Scale Consortium!

Use on wood, plastic, hydrocal, metal and so much more!

This product comes in a 4 oz concentrate that is easily diluted 50/50 with either water or isopropyl alcohol and applied with the special Micro Blaster atomizer sprayer. If diluted with water it doesn't have any harsh odor and is easily cleaned up using water. It has a flat finish and dries clear making it ideal to spray over windows because it won't cloud them. Once it's mixed it's ready to use when you are. Just give the spritzer a quick shake and you're ready to go!

Also available: Fix-A-Tive Sealer refill. Refill your Micro Blaster with this refill concentrate. 


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