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Vertical Round Steel 7-Tank Set Scale Model Masterpieces/Yorke Multi-Scale

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Description for this item:... VERTICAL ROUND STEEL TANKS 7-Tank Set *SPECIAL*-SCALE Model Masterpieces #9010 MULTI-SCALE... This 7-Piece Tank Set includes:2-#9001 Half-Buried Steel Tanks2-#9002 Small Vertical Steel Tanks1-#907 Medium Vertical Steel Tank1-#908 Large Vertical Steel Tank &1-#9009 X-Large Vertical...
Part Number: SMM9010
Availability: In Stock.

Vertical Round Steel Tank 7-Tank Set *SPECIAL* 

Scale Model Masterpieces/Yorke #9010 MULTI-SCALE

  This 7-Piece Tank Set includes:

  •    2-#9001 Half-Buried Steel Tanks
  •    2-#9002 Small Vertical Steel Tanks
  •    1-#907 Medium Vertical Steel Tank
  •    1-#908 Large Vertical Steel Tank &
  •    1-#9009 X-Large Vertical Steel Tank

The sizes/dimensions for all Tanks are shown in the image above right. Also shown in the image are four scale figures in O, S, HO & N scale for you to view the figure's proportion to the Tanks. Click on the image to enlarge the image in your browser. We have "Hollow-Cast" the Medium, & Larger tanks to save material and shipping costs. EXAMPLE: The 1980s version of the #9009 X-Large Vertical Steel Tank weighs 1 pound, 7 ounces. Our same casting weighs 7.2 ounces! In fact, all seven of the tanks in the *SPECIAL* weigh less that the 'original 1980's' X-Large Tank casting. Bases for these Tanks are not yet available for this miniature Tank Farm, but that shouldn't stop you from creating you own bases using Doctor Ben's Baby Building Blocs. Add a 2-Pounder to this order and save yourself some shipping costs by letting us combine your purchases into a single shipment today!