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 'Peel-n-Stik' Pitch Tarpaper-Worn Gray Doctor Ben’s Scale Consortium N/HO/S/O
Available in Red Oxide, Worn Gray, & Durty Black!

'Peel-n-Stik' Pitch Tarpaper-Worn Gray Doctor Ben’s Scale Consortium N/HO/S/O

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Doctor Ben's Pitch Tarpaper-N/HO/S/O Scales. This is for two 5-1/2" x 8-1/2) sections/sheets of Tar Paper Material ready to be cut to you scale...
Part Number: DBZ6250
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Updating a familiar product!


Tarpaper for the Scale Model Masterpieces / Thomas A Yorke Ent. Industrial Engine Shed Kit #3110

Originally, I had planned on using the Builder's in Scale tarpaper, but that would only increased costs into the production of the kit. And so I did what I promised myself that I would not do and that was I shoved a square peg into a round hole and all I ended up with was a square peg with rounded edges or in other words, I struggles to develop a tarpaper that I would be happy with both in terms of cost and looks.

Enter our two Tarpaper styles: Pitched and/or Rolled available in three colors (for now)-Red Oxide; Worn Gray; & Durty Black. The difference between Pitched and Rolled is that although both styles are approximately three (3) scale feet wide; the Pitched Tarpaper is laid our in 10-12 scale foot lengths and more of a patchwork of repair over time, hence the ragged tarred seams and the shading variation of the different sections. As for the Rolled Tarpaper style, since tarpaper typically comes in 50 foot rolls there are only tarred seams where the three-foot widths come together.


It has taken a good deal of experimentation and quite a few hours of perfecting a consistent product, but I finally have a product based on our own Precision Peel-n-Stik shingle application only with color and ease of installation. Each package contains two (2) 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" sheets for a combined total area of coverage of just over 86 square inches of "color" with a small non-colored/white frame along two sides.


And since we don't do anything new around here--everything has to be weathered--you will find varying degrees of color difference both on each sheet and between the two sheets that are included with each order. Think of it as "tarpaper snowflakes" where no two sheets are exactly the same. 


Technique Tip: After you have measured twice and cut once the size of tarpaper material that you require for your application, run the side of a black Sharpie Marker around the "white" cut edges before peeling off the protective backing. You'll thank us for this Tip when you realize later what a great suggestion this was.


Also, there is a very, very slight shine on the sheet from the production process which is very easily done away with. Go to you kitchen sink where you or your significant other has an old, worn green Scotch Bright pad that needs replacement anyway and use this worn Scotch Bright pad to ever-so-slightly rub the colored surface. Be sure to do this on a clean, smooth, flat surface or the imperfection of the surface will quickly show up on the scuffing of the Scotch Bright pad.


For now, all this Red-Oxide Pitch Tarpaper is available in N, HO, S, & O scales as well. 


We'll have the Red-Oxide Pitch Tarpaper in different colors (Worn Gray & Durty Black) as soon as I can finish the Industrial Engine Shed Roof for Product Sample pictures and get them uploaded. Finally, this is a huge check mark to have accomplished for me-WHEW!     Stay tuned...

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