Super Sticky Adhesive (1 Roll/36ydslg x1/2"wide) Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium
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Super Sticky Adhesive (1 Roll/36ydslg x1/2"wide) Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium

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Doctor Ben's Super Sticky Adhesive #2924 -NEW! (Multi-Scale)

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to be able to glue paper or card stock product to a non-porous material such as metal, plastic or even wood and doesn’t leave lumpy-globs under that show through after the two are stuck together? You know the routine, you finally find something that with stick to metal or plastic, but it saturates or ruins the paper product. Or, how nice would it be to simply glue two pieces of scribed siding to make a double surface wall without the wood warping all over the place? Can you glue a nice thin, rustic wood laminate to the inside floor of that plastic boxcar so that it is all beat up and really looks like the real railroad? Well we are here to tell you that all your dreams are answered with this one single product, Doctor Ben’s Super Sticky Adhesive. Yep, this stuff is so sticky, that you may have a tough time getting things back apart if you apply as we suggest. That is the down side of this great product. The up side is that this adhesive is made of the very same glue that is used to apply used car decals (you know, the decals that you see on the back of cars that nearly require an air chisel to remove them). Use Doctor Ben’s Super Sticky Adhesive to: glue metal to plastic; glue wood to wood; cardstock to plaster casting; scale people to scenery (cannot be loose) and so much more. I have used this product to apply my signature “ribbed copper standing seam roofs for years, & I have yet to have a roof to come off—even setting out in the sun! How about applying Campbell’s shingles without wetting them with water & never have another warped roof!

CLICK HERE to download these instructions to print for your own use!

Instructions: Then, if you have those little alcohol wipes, wipe the area clean. If you don’t have these wipes, use a lint-free material with a cleaner such as rubbing alcohol and allow the surfaces to dry. If you just can’t wait, you can hurry things along with a hair dryer. Un-roll the Doctor Ben’s Super Sticky Adhesive measuring out how much you need for a single application across the surface of your material and then cut enough strips to cover the material fro bottom to top. It doesn’t hurt to let Super Sticky Adhesive hang over the edge a 1/16” or so. You will cut this off later. Apply the one of the pieces that you’ve cut for this project and with the sticky side down on the surface of your material, burnish the adhesive down using the protective waxed paper. When you begin to apply the second, third or more strips you do NOT need to overlap. All that is necessary is to rest the second strip of Super Sticky Adhesive up against the first piece and continue the same until you have the area covered that you are working with. Then peel off the protective paper and start gluing. If you peel of the protective wax paper after each strip is applied, you may lose the reference line of where the previous strip ended and unintentionally overlap the adhesive. The only concern about overlapping is wasting the Super Sticky Adhesive. Overlapping the adhesive will not show through the material that you are gluing together. If you make a mistake and the material that you are applying is very thin, try to strip it off and reapply the Doctor Ben’s Super Sticky Adhesive. If you are trying to glue something that is thicker, you can try using a heat gun to soften the adhesive and you can use a lacquer thinner if the lacquer thinner will not ruin your parts. Please respond to the provided address with critiques and techniques that you have found useful while modeling with this product and have fun!