Welcome to Photos of Ted DiMone's model building using Doctor Ben's & Scale Model Masterpieces Products. Please read on ...

Ted DiMone Photo Description #1:

  The roof is paper towels soaked with white glue and covered with Dr. Ben's (Instant Age), diluted with 91% alcohol, not much, just a little.  Again, this is an excellent aging product.  A little bit goes a long way...



 Ted DiMone Photo Description #2:

  The A/C units are purchased from Thomas Yorke. They are cast resin and perfect vintage A/C units. This is an O Gauge 80' custom coach, All Nation, metal kit (50 years old), converted to a Coach Diner with attached kitchen and dinning room. This was a 100 hour build, there is also interior detail not visible in the photos. 


Ted DiMone Photo Description #3:  

  The wooden structure is painted with Dr. Ben's (Industrial Weathering Pigments Light Brick #1116) and #1364, Terra Cotta. These pigments are unlike chalks and other powders.  They stick and do not rub off.  They are the best I have used.  I was reluctant when I decided to purchase them as I thought just another powder.  However, to my surprise, they are not like any other powder.

Ted DiMone Photo Description #4:

  I applied the powders with a firm brush and mixed them into the wood to achieve the color you see. On wood, these powders soak into the wood and show the natural grain and look much better then paint.  These were applied dry.



Ted DiMone Photo Description #5:

 I used Doctor Ben's Baby Building Blocks for the foundation.  The motor is flour. and fixed with hair spray. These blocks are excellent and look more than real in person.  I will be purchasing more in different colors. I applied the bricks with white glue to the scratch built foundation and obtained a perfect fit.  Even though

tthey are granite, they are easily cut with a chopper.

  As a scratch builder I appreciate the availability of decent products. The products I mention above all work excellently and are also reasonably priced as well.  I hope my experience and techniques mentioned, will be helpful to other modelers.

 Best of luck, Ted DiMone, South Western, CT