Some Product Updates & Sad Personal News

 The Sad News is that Debbie and I needed to make a detour on our way to spend the Christmas Holidays with her 94 year old mother and Debbie's siblings and nephews and nieces. The detour was necessary to retrieve our Scale Model Masterpieces detail parts' masters and molds from the the workshop of our friend and fellow modeler Tom Muella (Muella Scale Models). Tom had been casting our resin details ever since we purchased the Cal Freight & Details Co parts line a few years ago. Our friend Tom passed away of natural causes just before the Thanksgiving Holidays.


Product Updates 

Upon our return from our Holiday trip and making room for the van of "stuff' retrieved from Tom Muella's workshop we made some unexpected discoveries here at home. Apparently we had not quite opened all the Cal Freight product packages and in a couple of boxes stored away here are home we discovered some NOS products (New Old Stock).

N Scale: ROOFTOP A/C Exterior Duct Set #1 (6pc set) NOS ROOFTOP A/C Exterior Duct Set #2 (8pc set) NOS 


HO Scale: WOOD CRATES/BOXES LONG (8pcs) NOS Originally this item was originally only 4 pieces. We doubled the quantity to 8pcs.You can't have too many boxes of clutter!


   We will be transitioning many of the Scale Model Masterpieces/Cal Freight resin casting to to our Labstone material. We are looking for a resin caster to work with us to cast some of the long, thin details and other items that Tom was casting for us. If you know of anyone who is 1) Reliable, 2) High Quality Casting, 3) Reliable, please send us their contact information and/or please provide them our email or just forward on this Newsletter to them.

Watch for upcoming updates posted on our website Blog as well as periodic Newsletters. As always, if you have a question and can't find something please feel free to email at [email protected] or give us a call at 770-666-8100 and we will happy to try to help you. Many thanks for your continued business and we wish everyone a prosperous and happy 2015.