Cinco de Mayo!? It's Mayo Model Time!

  Here it is a year later and what a difference a year makes, We've gone from secluded Quarantine to relaxed CDC Rules allowing cautions travel to visit vaccinated family and friends. And that's just what we are doing!
   Debbie and I ventured out to travel some 800 miles to be with Debbie's Mother on her 101st Birthday as well as to spend some quality time with vaccinated family member. Just incase you have not noticed we have the Travel Message up on our websites and Ebay Store. Despite some unhappy consumers, we are enjoying a much needed break. We' be back towards the end of next week already receiving Orders and possibly two visits from interested Buyers interested in our businesses.  We've already told both to wear work clothes to help out with Orders. What better way to find out about a business that helping out and receiving some hands-on experiences!
  Anyway, we hear reports that there's still a whole lot of modeling going on and we're looking for images of folks using Doctor Ben's and also modeling Scale Model Masterpieces kits and details. Above Right you will find Scott Perry's most recent effort to use Doctor Ben's Baby Building Blocs to construct an On30 Ash Pit. Nice Job, Scott!  Anywat, have to get back to Mom & the Family! As always, See you in the Hobby Room & Wash Your Hands!
Granite Ballast Grey Weathering Solution 4oz
Doctor Ben’s Scale Consortium 
Granite Ballast Grey Weathering Solution #1056-4 oz. creates that light, dusty grey that is so difficult to achieve with opaque products. Additionally, this Weathering Solution reveals a 3-D effect for more realism rather than just a flat color wash. The Granite Ballast Grey Weathering Solution is also great for that silvery, grey driftwood color that is so hard to replicate in nature.  ... About This Product... When I first began building Fine Scale Miniatures kits (manufactured by George Sellios) many years ago, the part that I enjoyed the most was the weathering. Nothing irked me more than to build a...
Part Number: DBZ1156
Doctor Ben's Industrial Weathering Pigment Products
 This is a much bigger container of weathering product than the little thimble that other folks offer-PROMISE! ... They're Not a Powder and They're Not a Chalk, They ARE Industrial!
 Using Doctor Ben's Industrial Weathering Pigments®
As a single component of the Doctor Ben's Weathering Products, the Industrial Weathering Pigments are an even more powerful tool in creating a realistic Model. Not a powder, not a chalk, the Doctor Ben's Industrial Weathering Pigments are very easily applied using a soft, but stiff, brush. However, be careful, a little bit goes a very long way!  Please CLICK HERE for lots more details about the amazing Doctor Ben's Weathering Solution products!.
Ashpit & Details Kit for Enginehouse/Roundhouse
Scale Model Masterpieces N/HO/Sn

Kit includes: 3" x 3-1/2" x 1/2"tall-LabStone Casting, timber risers, (3) ash barrels, boxes, metal support bar, & NBWs  

  Instructions to Assemble & Weather this Kit  Seriously, this is NOT rocket  science-it's just some minor assembly and weathering! Measure & remove the track  ties that would be across the pit and then cut & glue (CA) the five (5) metal  support bars as shown and then cement the NBWs on the outside of the rails in  line with the support bars. Measure & cut to fit the two (2) timber risers and  cement in place below the track rails. Glue the track ... Click Here to see all about this product!

Dumpsters w/Open & Closed Lids (4pcs-2ea)
N/Nn3/1:160-Scale California Freight & Details Co 
Description for this item:... ...CALIFORNIA FREIGHT & DETAILS N/Nn3/1:160-Scale #... Detail Parts are composed of UNFINISHED/UNASSEMBLED Natural Resin or Color-Cast Resin parts-Assembly & Finish Required. Assembly using Doctor Ben's Hypo-Cement for tiny...
Part Number: CAL1153

HO & O Scale Logging Cook House Kits!

Scale Model Masterpieces / Thomas A Yorke Ent. HO Foot Print: 3-1/2" x 6-1/4" / O Foot Print: 5-1/2” x  10”

 Not long ago we told you that we would make this kit once again available. It seems that many customers wanted to have just the Cook House for their Logging Camp. So we have bumped up the re-introduction of this kit.

  In case you missed the previously mentioned announcement when the the Logging Camp Set was introduced, we've done things just a little bit differently with the Bunk Houses. The Cook House is the same except for the better instructions, roofing and the load of details included, but the Bunk Houses now have windows in both the front and the rear walls instead of the original windowless front and rear walls. This was a common practice in many of the Logging Companies  Continued here for More about this product

Dr. Ben’s Knotty Walnut Weathering Stain (#DBZ1087)

by Brett Wiley ( Ben's Knotty Walnut Weathering Stain

Note: Affiliate links may be provided in this article to you at no cost. As always, the opinions in this article are still our own.

If you’ve checked out any of our work, you’ll see that we love to weather buildings.

Todd and myself both equally enjoy adding that old, beaten and weathered touch to our structures. It just brings a building to life and really makes them pop. So we were very excited that we were given the chance to weather or add some depth to our structures with a new (to us) product. Continued Here for the rest of the Review!

"Back Road Buildin's" Thrasher Bros. Warehouse #1 Kit O/1:48
Now available with Tar Paper Roof & Lots of Options including Corrugated Roof! "Brand New in O Scale!"
  The "Thrasher Bros Warehouse #1 is typical of many frame warehouses around the country. The prototype for this kit is structure is still standing today (built pre-1911) and may be visited in Micanopy, Florida just east of Gainesville, Florida and Interstate 75. (See history below)
 The detailed plans and instructions guide the modeler through the assembly and include complete Doctor Ben's painting and weathering techniques and information. This kit includes Grandt Line plastic details, Kappler scale wood, Doctor Ben's Corrugated roofing, and Scale Model Masterpieces/California Freight details. Foot Print: 8-1/2" x 11". CLICK HERE for more about this product!

1950s Transition Era Enginehouse w/In-Ground Tank Kit NOS
  Only two of these kits still available! This kit may be constructed as 12" enginehouse kit which may also be built as the 7" long enginehouse by leaving out the two center walls. FYI If not used, the concrete block wals may be use for another project on the layout! Have Fun!
Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises... About This Item... 1950s Transition Era Enginehouse w/In-Ground Tank Kit#HO-128 (NOS)... This kit comes with the finest Thomas A York Hydrocal castings including a very nicely detailed one-piece roof section and separate platform and steps. The window and barrels...

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