Newsletter: November 3, 2016!

  Every week we try real hard to share some fresh tidbits of information. This week, we're here to tell you that since we created our new website 2-1/2 years ago, the "slider" images on the Home Page have not changed. Good News! The Home Page slider images are totally new with some of the most recent images and information that we could squeeze in. Take a moment to have a look at the all new Home Page and please let us know what you think!
Chattanooga Modular Modelers, Inc. November Weathering Clinic Update! 
The planned November 19th Hands-On Model Building & Weathering Clinic for the Chattanooga Modular Modelers, Inc. at the "old" NMRA Headquarters has been rescheduled to March 2017. This event was going to be open to Public participation and may still be so next March! Stay tuned for more details! For quicker & more up-to-date information the Club will have a fb Event Page and an announcement on their website: 

Got OOPS!? 
  So, months ago we mentioned in a Newsletter that there was a good deal of discussion about Complimentary OOPS! Details and how to get them. But what folks really wanted to know was "what does an OOPS! set look like?" Since the recent addition of the Cal Freight N Scale Details a few months ago we have started the process of Labstone casting the multitude of "unmarked" molds to 1) See what the heck the details in the molds are, 2) Flushing our an resin residue from previous castings, and 3) Making certain that the details are Labstone cast-able and if not, prepare them for resin casting.

  So what does all this mean for you? Well, as we mentioned in the previous Newsletter when customers purchase a Stain, Solution, and/or a Pigment Set and there is space and weight available, we "give"; not sell these casting seconds a/k/a OOPS! to the customer. And if we know what scale the customer is modeling, we have been including the HO or O scale castings and now we have N Scale!

  So, what's the catch? Many times we do not know the scale that the customer models even after some careful sleuthing! One way to help us out to let us know your modeling scale; include the information in the Comments box of your Order! Just trying to help you get some free stuff!

How-To: Roof Access Stair Cover

Roof Top Access Stairway Shed (2pcs) HO & Roof Top Access Stairway Shed (3pcs) N
   This oftenoverlooked and forgotten detail will bring a great deal of realism and believablity to a structure when properly modeled.

  Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains were used to finish the details in this How-To Tutorial.

  1) Prepare the casting for staining. If necessary, sand or file the bottom flat and remove of repair any minor blemishes. Feel free to add addition distress areas to the casting



2) Stain the casting starting from the deepest recesses outward.

Begin with the base color for the walls. Depot Buff #1068 was used for  this How-To Technique.



  3) Next, carefully stain the trim (the next layer up and out) by letting the stain flow from your brush onto the raised surfaces. Knotty Walnut #1087  was used for  this How-To Technique.


4) The last step is to paint the roof and it's outer edges that overhang the structure trim. Durty Black #1091was used for  this How-To Technique.

   A light relief wash of Instant Age #1152 will help bring out the castings texture. And don't forget to splash a bit of Realistic Rust #1150 onto the door knob and some of the nail holes.
Is there any interests in offering the Roof Access Stair Covers in S and/or O Scale?

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