Stone Service Station Free Shipping & Logging Cook/Camp House Pilot Model!

  What better way to kick off a Summertime Special than to gas up the hot rod and take the family on a trip! 
  Let us help your wallet by offering Free Economy USPS Postage with the purchase of either an HO or an O Scale Stone Service Station Kit (Flying A, Shell, or Sinclair HC) for your empire. There is nothing special to do; no stupid Code to remember AND you can add stuff to your order (additional item postage may cost a little extra.
  So, this is for this weekend only. Order your kit today by CLICKing the below links that will take you direct to the HO or O Scale Kit that you would like to purchase... and yes, it's that simple!
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Logging Cook House & Portable Camp Houses Set HO & O Scale Kit-Building the Pilot Update

HO Foot Prints: 3" x 6" & 2 structures: 1-1/2" x 3"  $54.95
O Scale: Early June 2017 

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  Most folks who go on a vacation make plans to see the sites, visit family and friends, enjoy local cuisines, and build a Pilot Model? Yes, I am doing all these things and the above "In-Progress" image is how the Logging Portable Camp House Pilot Model (Cook House in last Newsletter) buildings are coming along. And YES, the above image is the HO scale Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas A. Yorke Ent Labstone casts. Isn't the detail amazing! All I have left to do to these two buildings is apply the skids and install the tilt-out windows and maybe a little weathering on the roof.
  If you would like to follow the progress as well as see all the updates from the very beginning all you need to do is hop over to our Facebook Page and view my posted progress. FYI The above image as well as the Portable Camp House may not get posted on Facebook until later today.
  And as we have previously mentioned, we're planning to do things just a little bit differently. This Cook & Portable Camp House Set kit will include one Cook house and two Camp Houses. The Camp Houses now have windows in both the front walls and the rear walls instead of the original windowless front and rear walls. Cool idea, huh? And since the available images for this kit are less than satisfactory, I'll be doing a series of construction and staining/weathering images as I build the components of this kit. Click on the above image to find more information about this upcoming kit.
  You're gonna want to order multiples of this really neat structure set and details to be announced in the next week or so. Stay tuned for more updates! Read More Here!

  Shipping around May 26, 2017 or so! Reservation price will end when we begin shipping.


Also, Free Shipping for NG&SL Gazettes!

 A project that has gone on around here for a couple of years now is just about come to completion. We have had stacks and stacks ofNarrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette magazines stacked up all over the place with hopes of organizing them and inventorying them in hopes of selling them off to make space for much needed space. I know that lots of you have repeatedly sent messages asking "when". The time is now!

 More good news for you is that there are many more magazines than we expected and we felt that we needed to make a "Special Offer" to motivate customers to take the plunge. I know that there may not be enough Sets to build a full collection of Gazettes of 1975 to present, but I'm pretty certain that a quasi-complete set or two is possible. Oh, by the way; first buy, first get. When they're gone, there are no more. Good Luck!

   We got some more updates on the Customer Photos page! And be sure to share this newsletter with your friends. Word-of-mouth is our only source of advertising. Many thanks for your continued business.

Debbie & Richard Bendever