Spotlight Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains & Backdrop Kit

  We're still getting caught up from our Weekend Flash Special. Thank you very much to everyone who took advantage of this rare opportunity. We've had yet another huge increase of new Customers & Newsletter Subscribers over the past week or so and we've received a lot of product questions. We're bringing back our Spotlight Series and some other popular products.
  Welcome to Part 1 of our Doctor Ben's Weathering Product Spotlight series. This week we're sharing with you all about our Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains and their origins, use, application, choices, etc. Next week will be all about Doctor Ben's Weathering Solutions. 

  The development and use of the Weathering Stains came out of necessity due to the demise of the Floquil Flo-Stains and the possible Floquil product chemical health concerns and the possible affects on my own severe Rheumatoid Arthritis disease.
   As always, Debbie and I sincerely appreciate your business and ask that you tell your friends about our product because word-of mouth is our only advertising!

  About Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain Products in 4oz Jars

 For years Richard E. Bendever has used these versatile non-petroleum Weathering Stains to stain, finish & weather the many craftsman and scratchbuilt models he had been constructing for many, many customers. So when that once famous—now defunct—Floquil® Flo-Stain product line DBZ1097 - Doctor Ben's Weathering Stainstarted going for more than a $100 a bottle on eBay in the late 1980s; Richard, now Doctor Ben’s, decided offer an Aged Driftwood Weathering Stain as an exact color match to the 1983 Floquil Driftwood stain. As this amazing Doctor Ben's product became increasingly popular all over the world, additional Weathering Stain colors were slowly created until there were enough for one Weathering Set; and then another; and then another set. It has been several years now and boy the Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain color selection has grown by leaps and bounds!

  Starting in 1991, Doctor Ben's has offered a non-petroleum replacement for the long defunct Floquil Flo-Stains© products; especially Driftwood and the rest of the "woodsey" stains. Literally thousands of Aged Driftwood Weathering Stains have been sold in additional to many other Weathering Stain colors to many thousands of satisfied customers.SMM3101 - Scale Model Masterpieces Craftsman Kit

  Not everyone sees the "original" Floquil Driftwood as a true color representation of how they see that the color of Driftwood should be and that's OK which is why Doctor Ben's offers the Mossy Driftwood; less blue-gray and more fungi-green. An overwhelming number of customers queried Doctor Ben's as to possibly having a 'mossy green' driftwood color. Well, even though this has happen quite by accident, we are always looking to "Grow Our Product Line" with a new Weathering Stain. So be sure to share your suggestions and perhaps it will happen!

So, like thousands of hobbyists before you, many modelers became tired of the costly, thimble-sized bottle, smelly petroleum based weathering and painting products that seemingly evaporated overnight. The good news for you is that Doctor Ben’s has now brought to you a line of easy-to-use, environmentally-friendly, finishing and weathering stains in four ounce re-sealable jars that are Color-Fast and are Ready-To-Use when you are!

Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain  Sets

Doctor Ben's 8-Color Wood Stain Set #1  Doctor Ben's 8-Color Wood Stain Set #2Doctor Ben's 8-Color Wood Stain Set #3  Doctor Ben's 8-Color Wood Stain Set #4Doctor Ben's 8-Color Wood Stain Set #4    Doctor Ben's 8-Color Wood Stain Set #4

"We Turn Toys into Models!"



More Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains

DBZ1066 - Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain DBZ1067 - Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain












Uses  of Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains:

SMM3119 - Scale Model Masterpieces Craftsman Kit

SMM3119 - Scale Model Masterpieces Craftsman Kit

SMM3119 - Scale Model Masterpieces Craftsman Kit

Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium Products are Developed  Directly from the Creations of NMRA National Award Winning Dioramas by           Richard E. (Ben) Bendever

   "Scratch Buildin' Series" 
Concrete Backdrop Kit #1 & #2
Yorke/Scale Model Masterpieces 1:87/HO 

 You may recognize this impressive kit as part of our newest HO Scale G-Street Warehouse kit. But as we all know, pike space is limited; so why not cut it in half and make it a Backdrop Structure! Our patterns reflected the uneven and rough wooden form board impressions as well as "oozing" concrete from between them so typical of cast concrete structures.

  The castings for this backdrop kit are from our "original" Thomas A Yorke Ent. masters which reflect all of the detail of this structure and much more. This kit is composed of Labstone castings including the partial roof with parapet wall and "tar paper" roofing already cast in place - simply paint & weathering with Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains. Grandt window castings and Scale Model Masterpieces details (listed below), Cyclone Roof Vents are included along with our usual comprehensive instructions and plans plus a color photograph for a truly easy to assemble kit. The scale 108' x 20' size will dwarf two 50' box cars along side! CLICK the above image to go to the website for more information and Options for this structure!

 As part of our "Scratch Buildin' Series", we offer all four walls, roof, loading docks and doors of this kit for individual purchase. Interested? Let us know! If you have a question, Just Askkk!  See You in the Hobby Room!

 Interested in the "Cheeseman Drug NOS Kit"?

by Model Masterpieces LTD HO

 Description for this item:... Cheeseman Drug Co *NOS* KIT... Model Masterpieces LTD HO/HOn3/HOn30-Scale... Model Masterpieces DETAIL KITS are composed of UNFINISHED/UNASSEMBLED Color-Cast resin parts and Assembly & Finish are Required. Assembly using most plastic cements and painting may be completed by hand or an air...
Part Number: MMP110
Availability: Limited Quantity Available ...!

 Interested in the O Scale "Victorian Brick Building a.k.a Milk Depot Kit"?

by Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises/Scale Model Masterpieces O/On3/On2/On30

  This little Victorian brick structure makes a fine on-line industry for your pike. Tom Yorke originally used this structure as a milk collection station (a/k/a The Milk Depot). Local dairy farmers would bring in their milk during the wee hours of the morning. The collected milk would then go by rail to a creamery many miles away.

  Weather this kit is used for this purpose or for another type of co-op, etc., you may agree that it does build into a charming little structure.

This *original* Thomas A. Yorke kit (now Scale Model Masterpieces) has been give a renewed life with lots of updates and additions including the instructions, wood ramp & Precision Cut one-piece trusses! And, you will be able to select which style of Doctor Ben's Shingles, Corrugated Metal, or Copper roofing that you would like for this fine model. Stay Tuned for more Updates!
  We do have a couple of Requests for this kit so we're seriously considering the release of this kit if there is enough interest. Let us know by clicking on the image and at the bottom of the description add your name to the Waiting List!

Customer Photos - Al Sohl
  Finally, Al Sohl has constructed this O Scale Coaling facility where he has also included our Scale Model Masterpieces/Yorke Coke Oven kit (including LED lighting). This one image is just a teaser of what Al has shared with us. We'll try to get the "whole story" up on our website "Customer Photos" later this week.

  Whew! I'm going to need a vacation when this week is over!

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