Are You Ready for Spring?

  I know we are, but then we thought that Spring had arrived just a couple of weeks ago. We're certainly getting some crazy weather lately!
  Out HVAC folks just about have the Lower Level (walk-out basement) heat & A/C unit installed. They've still got some final tweek-ing to complete due to the complexity of the "original" 1990's basement remodeling installation where the HVAC simply tapped into the Main Floor HVAC rather than install a separate stand-alone unit. Each level is well over 1,200 square feet and it's been a struggle to balance the two levels with a one-level unit. The new system has made a huge improvement already!
  Just a Friendly Reminder that the end of next week we'll be heading out to join Debbie's family to celebrate her Mother's 99th Birthday. We will have the "Travel Notice" posted on the Home Page of our website and we'll do our best to remember to send a Reminder to Customers who place Orders while we are away. The long-story-short is if you are thinking that you may need some Doctor Ben's and Scale Model Masterpieces products, perhaps you should place your order this week and early next week. Otherwise, it will be well into May before we get back and start packing orders placed while we are away. You've been warned! Also, we'll be cutting back on structure & details as we prepare to sell our businesses. More about this farther down in this Newsletter. Many thanks for your continued business and telling your friends about us. See you in the Hobby Room! 
Two-Stall Shortline/Industrial Engine House Kit 
Scale Model Masterpieces (former Thomas Yorke Ent)
HO (foot print: 9-3/8"lg x 6"wide)
  It has been since 2010 that we first introduced this kit's little brother the Single Stall Shortline/Industrial Engine Shed Kit in HO scale and, it's about time that we brought back it's big brother.
   Also  included to super detail this kit are 75+ Scale Model Masterpieces details (SEE image on website) including fuel oil tank, boxes, cans, hay bales; the typical stuff found in, out and around most engine houses. Plus, this kit include one SMM Inspection Pit & Bridge Plate (SMM5005) with the Option to add a second pit.
   And the Options don't stop there ... You get to customize your Engine House with making it a drive-through and adding more doors. Change the roof and add corrugation or standing seam. Choose to have the Precision Scribed Truss Assembly  offered with this kit or choose a time saving option such as n Optional Laser Cut Truss Set. We even have a few "built-up" LASER Cut Truss assemblies for sale ... Interested?  CLICK HERE for More...

Available: Railroad Blacksmith Shop & Outhouse *Built Up*Model Micro Display 
Scale Model Masterpieces / Thomas A Yorke Ent. O/1:48

by Pilot Model by Richard E. (Ben) Bendever

  Originally, Tom Yorke based the design of this structure on the Sierra Railroad's facility in Jamestown, California; high in the "mother loade." This *built-up* model should the lots of updates & some obvious changes from the original Yorke Ent kit.We have lots more images on our website of this *built-up* model.
  Unassembled kit updates include: Large Precision Cut sliding doors may be positioned inside or outside of the building; 2) We added a Loading Dock for Railroad access; 3) There is a stone foundation with a cast basement access (lower right of picture; 4) Precision Cut bracing in the cupola vent to simplify the construction process 5) Exterior details-some shown. 6) And a single stall outhouse (#SMM9501) CLICK HERE to see more!

Doctor Ben's Instant Age Weathering Solution (4oz & 8oz) is ideal for that dark full coverage and thinning Doctor Ben's Instant Age by 50% or more will flow into cracks and crevasses creating the illusion of shadows and depth.DBZ1150 - Doctor Ben's Weathering Solution

Background: When I first began building Fine Scale Miniatures kits  (manufactured by George Sellios) many years ago, the part that I enjoyed the most was the weathering. Nothingirked me more than to build a model in a brand new, pristine condition. I began looking for something more that what the FSM instructions offered. Don't get me wrong, I owe a great deal of what I learned about building models from building early Thomas A. Yorke kits, Model Masterpieces kits, Builders in Scale kits, Timberline kits; heck, there's even a thing or two to learn from building the Campbell kits. CLICK HERE for More!

Tips & Techniques: Layering Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains

  One of the most popular Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains is the Rustic Barn Red (#1089). Also, one of the Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains that frightens some customers the most is the Rustic Barn Red. This is because when modelers see the Rustic Barn Red in the jar it looks to be a glowing red-pink color which is one of the last colors a modelers may want to see on their favorite structure or model. Sounds like a conundrum, right?

  The thing that most modelers do not realize is that many times a color in it's container will not dry to be the exact same color. This is why we put so much effort in displaying samples of Doctor Ben's Stains, Solutions, and Pigments so that customer have a better understanding of what the product will look like when it is used and, if it is applied wet or dry. And if you have never noticed, only one other the Doctor Ben's weathering products have a gloss finish; do you know which one it is? ... Read the rest of the Story Here!

Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium N, HO, S & O Scales
  Now Chose Aluminum Metal and/or Metallic Cardstock Corrugated Material! See images of both materials and their descriptions.
   Some modelers may think that because one material is a cardboard-composite that this product is a cheap quality imitation, but nothing could be farther from the truth. The Doctor Ben's Premium Silver Metallic Cardstock matte finish composite & vinyl backing material is an extremely high quality product and quite frankly, if it weren't as good or better than the aluminum material that we have sold for years and years; we would NOT be putting our Doctor Ben's brand name on this product. Watch for upcoming reviews on this amazing new product!

  Gazette Magazine- Free Media Mail Shipping Offer 
  Included are all remaining www.debenllc.comwebsite listed NG&SL Gazette magazine Individual Issues AND Annual Sets. The only limits are  Free Postage for Domestic USA Contiguous 48 States.
  Also, if two people purchase the last copy of any issue, the person who pays firt gets the magazine & the other person gets a refund. 

Here is the direct link: NG&SL Gazette Magazines
  In case you haven't noticed the SMM #3122Set, #9122Set & the SMM #9165 kits and various detail parts have been moved to "Wish List" status. The HO & O Scale Cook House and Portable Bunk Houses are still available as individual kits and in time, more SMM products will be moved to Wish List status as well. Since our website has over 900+ products Debbie & I are overwhelmed keeping up with the volume, so we are doing this in preparation of potentially selling both businesses and using this time organize things for the new owner(s). Please feel free to contact us about any questions or referrals to potential buyers.
   As always, Debbie and I sincerely appreciate your business and ask that you tell your friends about our product because word-of mouth is our only advertising!
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