Daylight Savings Time Coming!

 Yes, March is just days away and for those who dread this event stress levels will spike not this weekend, but next weekend when many of the United States leap forward one hour. YIKES!
  The Doctor (Ben) says that the best remedy to prevent the insanity from occurring is to get back to work on your models! We have *tons* of Details & Weathering Products for you to stock up on plus all the great Doctor Ben Weathering & scratchbuilding products.

  It seems that I started a rash of folks offering to sell their OOP Kits (FSM, Chooch, South River Model Works, etc.) I apologize for any confusion because it was certainly not my intent to generate interest in this activity. As I stated in the last Newsletter I was just trying to clear up the Category Description issue. I bought, Sold and Traded OOP kits for many years and now with the expansion of the Internet AND sites like eBay the supply of these kits have swelled and prices are much more competitive. And quite frankly, I would much rather BUILD the kits which may be what I end up doing after We Sell Our Businesses!
  Last but not least, the 2020 Model Train Show Sponsored by the Piedmont Division of the NMRA is coming to town March 14th & 15th. Are you going? If so, send us an image of you holding you Paid Ticket inside the Show and we'll give you free shipping on you website Order of $20+. Offer ends Midnight, March 16, 2020 We have this announcement pinned to the top of our Ben Bendever facebook page CLICK HERE!
  One more thing; our friend, fellow modeler, DVD Author, and all around nice guy Darryl Huffman has used some of our products in his latest project. Scroll down to find out about Darryl's latest endeavor. See you in the Hobby Room ...

Weathering Stain Set #1 & Booklet #2 & #5536 Junk Pile
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium

  Using this Doctor Ben's Product: Ever since 1991 we have offered Doctor Ben's Aged Driftwood Weathering Stain as a non-petroleum, identical color match replacement for the long defunct Floquil Flo-Stains© products; especially Floquil Driftwood stain made famous by the Fine Scale Miniatures kit instructions of the 1970s to present. Thousands of jars of Doctor Ben's Aged Driftwood Weathering Stain have been sold with equally thousands of satisfied customers. 
  In this *Original* Woodsey Set the Doctor Ben's Stains included in Weathering Stain Set #1 (#1077):include: #1097-Aged Driftwood, #1081-Realistic Oak, #1082-Natural Pine, #1083-Hardwood Maple, #1084-Nautical Teak, #1089-Rustic Barn Red, #1087-Knotty Walnut, & #1090 Natural Basswood plus Booklet #2 & #5536 Junk Pile. CLICK HERE or on image to see more!

the Short Line Freight Shed & Boiler Kit-O Scale

Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises is now Scale Model Masterpieces

Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises is now Scale Model Masterpieces

We have added several Options to chose or NOT chose when purchasing this kit. 1) The Option of adding Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains and/or Weathering Solutions used for the finish & weathering of the Pilot Model; and/or 2) Roof Material-Choices of either Corrugated Metal or Seamed Tarpaper (Grey or Red Oxide) are available instead of the Doctor Ben's Precision "Square City Shake Shingles (#DBZ6155) included in this kit.
  A side note of "what other stuff" is included with this kit. Well, everything seen in the picture as plus: (3) Boxes #9045; (3) Boxes #9050; (3) Barrels #9041; (3) Boxes #9030; & (3) Boxes #9035 which are all cast in our Labstone gypsum just like our Scale Model Masterpieces kits.

Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises is now Scale Model Masterpieces HO Scale Freight Shed & Boiler Kit Update: We decided to offer this same version in HO which will be available shortly. Originally, we had created a more sophisticated version and we're shelving that design until some future time.

Be sure to keep checking back at our website Blog for the updates—we've got some great ideas planned!

Steel/Wood Tool/Pump/Storage Shed Set - (3pcs Cal Freight #2170, #2370 & #2380) Unfinished Labstone/Scale Model
 Detail Parts are composed of UNFINISHED/  UNASSEMBLED Natural Resin or Color-Cast Resin parts-Assembly & Finish Required. 
  Assembly using Doctor Ben's Hypo-Cement for tiny delicate parts as well as most plastic cements and painting may be completed by hand or an air brush. 
  The above image/thumbnail  best describes this item SIZE, QUANTITY, COLOR, if assembled (required) & its design. Got Questions? Always Ask first! CLICK HERE to find more!
HO scale Barrel House Scratchbuild Project
by Darryl Huffman
  If you've not had the pleasure of meeting Darryl Huffman, here's an oportunity to find our just what he is all about--creativity!
  At below right is his O Scale Barrel House based on (above Right) the one that existed in Tonopah, Nevada. And now Darryl has gone one step further and build this structure in HO scale using Scale Model Masterpieces Wood Barrels (SMM5048) and miscellaneous Scale Model Masterpieces Wood Boxes. Both wood barrels and crates are also vailable in O Scale and located in the Scale Model Masterpieces BOXES, BARRELS, & CRATES . 
  Darryl has described the entire process from stains the parts to assembly on the Forum. If you are a member of this forum, just log in. If no, our links may allow you to access the page. the most direct route is:
 All Forums
 Model Railroad Forums
 Mike Chambers' Craftsman's Corner
 HO Barrel House - Version 2 - step by step
Enjoy the story!
Weathering Pigment Flavor-of-the-Week:
Metal Roof Patina Weathering Pigment-2oz
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium

  All Doctor Ben's Weathering Solutions are available in 2 ounce wide-mouth recyclable jars individually and in money-saving 27-jar & 8-jar sets as well as an 11-Color Pigment Sampler Set. CLICK HERE to find out more!
Split Granite Stone Single-Tunnel Portal
Scale Model Masterpieces HO/HOn3

Scale Model Masterpieces/ Split Granite Tunnel Portal (LabStone)... #5001 HO/HOn3 & Sn3/Sn2... About Doctor Ben's Scale Tunnel Portal #5001 (LabStone Unfinished Castings)... As a single component of Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium, the SplitGranite Tunnel Portal is an original master creation utilizing the Doctor Ben's #8880 (3/32") Baby Building...
Part Number: SMM5001
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