G Street Warehouse Changes & Other News!

 Please accept our apologies for the shipping and Newsletter delay. We got behind with Customer orders this week. And then I also was scheduled for another injection to help manage the Macular Degeneration issue that my eye doctor has been working to reverse. Fortunately, the improvement while incremental, does seem to be improving very slowly.

G-Street Warehouse Kit - New Release Date! Last Day for Reservation Price...

New Release! Ships Feb 13, 2017

by Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises/Scale Model Masterpieces New Release HO/HOn3/HOn30/1;87

Footprint: HO-Scale 96' x 40' (5-1/4" x 9-1/8" + Dock Space)

   Much of the information (and more) from last weeks Newsletter is on the website (CLICK HERE or the above image) but what we do have to share is a bunch of additions both from Customers wishing to expand the kit and as part of our Upcoming "Scratch Buildin' Series", we will offer all four walls, roof, loading docks and doors of this kit for individual purchase. Interested? Let us know!

  Some of the newly added Options include: Extra 12 and 20 Pane Masonry Windows & Glazing, Small and Large Loading Docks, and Roof Top Access Stairway Shed substitute for the Roof Hatch Door included in the kit.

  Just to reiterate, Reservation pricing for this amazing kit ends Monday, February 13, 2017.

  Also, as part of our upcoming "Scratch Buildin' Series", we will offer all four walls, roof, loading docks and doors of this kit for individual purchase. Interested? Let us know!


  New Stuff to the Website...

Scale Model Masterpieces (formerly Cal Freight) New Products!

N Scale - Concrete & Brick Industrial Staircase - 2 Units 4' to 5' to top step (Labstone) 

  A must for getting N Scale people up to the Loading Dock personal door level (4-5 feet). Got Tilt Up Spline Style Walls? CLICK HERE to see!



HO Scale - Handcar & Pushcar Kit 1-Set/Kit Tichy Train Miniatures

 Handcar may be built with or without seats. Parts are injection molded Styrene and assembly & finish is required. H




HO Scale - 20-Pane Industrial Masonry Window w/Tilting Center & Glazing-2pcs Grandt Line/Tichy HO/1:87

HO Scale: 84" x 114" / OPENING SIZE 1.200" x 1.325" DETAIL PARTS are composed of UNFINISHED/UNASSEMBLED plastic parts and Assembly & Finish are Required.

HO Scale - Wooden Pallets & Skids (18+9 total) Scale Model Masterpieces

Wooden Pallets/Skids (18pallet Tops-HO 40" x 48... PLUS 9 pallet bottoms)

Detail Parts are composed of UNFINISHED/UNASSEMBLED Resin, Wood, Plastic, and/or White Metal parts-Assembly & Finish Required. 

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