G Street Warehouse Release Update & Corrugated Material News!

G-Street Warehouse Kit Release UPDATE!

New Release! Ships Feb 7, 2017

by Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises/Scale Model Masterpieces New Release HO/HOn3/HOn30/1;87

Footprint: HO-Scale 96' x 40' (5-1/4" x 8-1/4" + Dock Space)

UPDATE!  OK, we knew that this would be a popular offering, but we didn't expect to be buried in questions and requests about this kit.

  One our our more popular N Scale products has been the Tilt Up Spline Style Walls (CLICK HERE to see) and lots of HO modelers have asked when we would be bringing out the Thomas Yorke Tilt Up Walls as well. We were thinking about bringing the HO Tilt Up Walls as part of our "Scratch Buildin' Series" later this year and we still plan to do so. But the tons of requests for "extra walls and parts" for the G-Street Warehouse kit will mean that the "Scratch Buildin' Series" will kick off a little sooner than planned, and will include the G-Street Warehouse kit and components. Stay tuned!

  The image at left is an original G-Street Warehouse build back in the 1980s which other than some color changes, the billboard on the roof, and adding a chain link fence around the loading dock is an excellent representation of a built up kit. We've recently acquired this built up model and I am planning to do a Doctor Ben's Weathering Experience upon it. Also, Stay Tuned!

   Finally, at right we received the prototype image of an electric generating station that is very similar to the G-Street Warehouse model with the addition of lower walls, large industrial windows and a large door that would accommodate a boxcar or gondola. I'll bet that there are photos of a ton of very similar prototype facilities out there so if you have one or have a link to one, of know of one, please share it with us at [email protected] and we'll add it to our collection!

 This G-Street Warehouse kit is an impressive structure was based on one still standing (1980s) in San Bernardino, California. The original cast concrete structure was built around 1920, but it has seen some changes over the years and our rendition incorporates these. Our patterns reflected the uneven and rough wooden form board impressions as well as ... Continued in the product description on the website CLICK HERE

  Who's Got Your Corrugated Materials?

Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium; that's who!

   Yes, our long awaited patience has finally paid off and over the weekend we received delivery of our very own corrugated material rollers. It will take a little work to get them cleaned up and functioning well again, but this is really great news for all the N Scale modelers who are sick and tired of having to use HO Scale corrugated material on their N Scale structures.

  We have has HO, S & O scale corrugated material in limited sizes and widths and now not only will we have additional widths, but also materials other than the aluminum that is currently available. Stay Tuned!

   Lastly, you are welcome to make comments to our BLOG topics, but you must log into your account to post a comment. As always, if you have questions, Please Ask!

Scale Model Masterpieces (formerly Cal Freight)           New Product!

Concrete & Brick Industrial Staircase - 2 Units 4' to 5' to top step (Labstone) 

  A must for getting N Scale people up to the Loading Dock personal door level (4-5 feet). Got Tilt Up Spline Style Walls? CLICK HERE to see!


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