G Street Warehouse Kit Release & Weathering Pigment Price Update!

G-Street Warehouse Kit Release

New Release! Ships Feb 7, 2017

by Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises/Scale Model Masterpieces New Release HO/HOn3/HOn30/1;87

Footprint: HO-Scale 96' x 40' (5-1/4" x 8-1/4" + Dock Space)

 This impressive structure was based on one still standing in San Bernardino, California. The original cast concrete structure was built around 1920, but it has seen some changes over the years and our rendition incorporates these. Our patterns reflected the uneven and rough wooden form board impressions as well as "oozing" concrete from between them so typical of cast concrete structures.

  The castings from our "Original" Thomas A Yorke masters which reflect all of this detail and more. This kit is composed of eight major Labstone castings including the roof with parapet wall and "tar paper" roofing already cast in place - simply paint & weathering with Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains. Grandt styrene window castings and Century Foundry metal roof vents are included along with our usual comprehensive instructions and plans plus a color photograph for a truly easy to assemble kit. The scale 96' x 40' size will dwarf two 50' box cars alongside!

  This kit comes with the finest Thomas A York Hydrocal castings including a very nicely detailed stone and brick original carvings. The windows, doors, and a bunch of other stuff. NOTE: Very Heavy Kit-almost 4 Pounds!

  And you can save $$$ by adding the Weathering Stains & Solutions described in the instructions as well as the Optional Extra Details Set when purchasing this kit. Buy two and kit bash them into an amazing original design! 


  As we mentioned in our last Newsletter, effective January 21, 2017 the two ounce jars of Doctor Ben's Weathering Pigments will be increased to cover recent product and packaging costs. The Doctor Ben's Weathering Pigment Sets will not be increased at this time. The savings for 8-Jar Pigment Sets is 16% & 38% for 27-Jar Sets over purchasing the pigment jars individually.
  The Doctor Ben's Re-Sealable, wide-mouth 2oz Weathering Pigment individual jars will still provide a substantial cost benefit value over the individual 1/4oz, 1/2oz, and 1oz limited color products offered by competitors..

  Doctor Ben’s has continued to have one of the most comprehensive selections of weathering products that you will ever find. For some modelers, new and experienced, the choices can be overwhelming. The above #3 booklet (and others) Doctor Ben's How-To Booklet series provides an oversight into using each of the Doctor Ben's weathering products and provide some background, as well as the benefits, of each of the products. 
    Additionally, each Doctor Ben's Weathering product line has a How-To booklet that provides techniques that, by using them, enable both the novice and experienced modeler to recreate the look that is described in each booklet. In the event that you have a specific issue that you are unable to resolve, please call or send us an email with your questions, and we will be happy to assist you in your weathering challenge. Discussion is continued in the Doctor Ben's BLOG...
   If you are not familiar with our How0To booklet Series, have added the complete How-To booklet series with color photos to our Doctor Ben'sBLOG: Tips & Techniques
. The above How-To #3 was the very third How-To Booklet that Debbie & I have published and although some things have changed, the basic techniques of this informative booklet remain consistent when seeking to achieve realistic weathering success. 
     Lastly, you are welcome to make comments to our BLOG topics, but you must log into your account to post a comment. 
As always, if you have questions, Please Ask!


Doctor Ben's Tips & Tricks: What makes some wood age a reddish brown?

  Although I don't weather in the "reddish" genre all that often, I did develop a process for it ions ago. The following description and image is an update of my process Step1: Randomly dry-brush Doctor Ben's Aged Driftwood. Step 2: Repeat the process with Doctor Ben's Hardwood Maple. Step 3: One more time only with Doctor Ben's Knotty Walnut... Mother nature on the workbench!
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