Free Detail Casting "Seconds"

This just a few of the hundreds of SMM details!
 In our last Newsletter we mentioned that our good friend & resin caster Tom Muella had passed away. Tom had been casting many of our SMM resin details ever since we purchased the Cal Freight & Details Co parts line a few years ago. Since Tom's passing our hopes have been to find another reliable, local resin caster to assist us in continuing the product line. 

Detail Casting Updates 
  As mentioned in our last Newsletter, after our return from our Holiday trip we began making room for the van of "stuff' retrieved from Tom's workshop. Fortunately, Tom had already cast some SMM details that did not get shipped to us before his passing and this did replenish some of the resin cast details in our inventory.
  We have spread the word around that we were looking for a new resin caster. But as of this Newsletter, we have not been successful. Meanwhile, after a close inspection of a number of the SMM RTV molds I began test casting some of the SMM detail 
molds that we brought back from Tom's workshop with Labstone gypsum. To my surprise and after a few castings, the Labstone removed the resin particles and mold release from the RTV molds and the Labstone castings began turning our near perfect! This is amazing news!
  But then a new dilemma emerged; what do we do with all these imperfect "Seconds"? We have always had a policy that we do NOT sell less than first quality castings. But, we DO give the "Seconds" away to customers who make purchase weighing several pounds or more (you know who you are!). Since the USPS & UPS/FedEx always rounds up the weight of a package to the next pound, we have included "freebies' of Seconds ever since we purchased Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises a number of years ago. The castings may be Seconds and NOT good enough to include in a kit or sell, but the Seconds still have amazing detail and are great castings to practice Staining & Weathering Techniques!
   For the record, I personally prefer the Labstone cast detail parts because just like the Labstone gypsum and natural wood, I prefer to "stain" vs. paint. This is because I feel that I have more control over the colors and finish. Also, I like not having to worry about filling in the minute details and grains of the castings with having to paint a resin or metal casting detail to get stains to stick or cover the color of the resin casting. Just my preferences here; I'll get back off the soapbox.
  So, just exactly how do you get these free Seconds? Lucky You! You don't have to do anything special. This message is just a heads-up for those who wondered and did not know why they were receiving these goodies as well as sharing with the rest of you this opportunity. The next time that you purchase that Stain or Solution Set and find a little package inside the package, now you know why & what for. All we ask, is that maybe you will take a moment to flash a quick picture of your practice Second so that we may share it in our 
Customer Photos section on the website. Thanks for watching and Happy Modeling!