Postage Rates Increase-Temperaturres Decrease!

  Did you go to the 2019 Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show last weekend? Lucky you! Heard it was a good one!
  Our weatherman said that 34 mid & eastern states we sub-freezing which means if you weren't out shoveling snow you may have been lucky enough to be in a nice, warm hobby room. Fortunately for many of us in NE Georgia our temperatures getting quite get there to get a layer of the white stuff on the ground  which means lot's of orders from the weekend went out as scheduled.
  I'm still finishing up the HO Feed Store & Annex Structure Set Kit Pilot Model. I have both structured assembled and I think that I'll be writing the instructions to assemble the walls and then Stain the Brickwork and details.I am going to do the bricks using Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains and the second building using Doctor Ben's Weathering Pigments. Both techniques will be following the Doctor Ben's How-To #2 and #3 booklet guidelines should you wish to follow along.
  I have a Sony HandyCam to record the process and upload to You Tube and our website. I suspect that i will need to use a video software (FREE) and I am asking for our customers to send us recommendations. If you have a moment we would greatly appreciate your input!You may send us an email to [email protected]or send us a CRM from our website!
  And finally, yes the USPS, UPS & FedEx all recently increased postage/shipping rates. Just a reminder that we do NOT add any S&H fees to our calculated shipping at checkout. What you pay is what we are charged unlike our Ebay Store where we do have to charge fees to cover the Seller Fees that Ebay Charges Sellers for the postage paid by the Buyer. WHEW! That's all for today. See you in the Hobby Room.

The Grocery
"Traveling the back roads years ago, one would happen across a tiny grocery store around every other bend in the road or over the next rise. Even today, these picturesque treasures can still be found. Wood siding deeply scarred by grain and rot and weathered a beautiful silver gray. Rusted tin roofing sheets all but covering the original wood shakes. Front porch sagging and with a decided lean... Continued on website
  The Grocery in O Scale is the first of this series with a bunch more to follow in both O Scale AND HO Scale. Above and at left is the "finished" Pilot Model images, where I finally found some spare time to finish applying the signs and adding the details that are included in this kit. If anyone is interested, this built-up model like some many other pilot models (still available) is For Sale. O Scale Grocery Foot Print: 3-1/8"wide x 5-1/16"" long. We'll bet that there are a few S/Sn3 Modeler who can adapt this kit to their scale, too!

Want More?

Backwoods Ramshackle Engine Shed Kit 
Foot Print: HO - 1.93"W x 4.90"L 
by Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises/Scale Model Masterpieces HO/HOn3/HOn2/HOn30

Yes, this kit is in production and yes, folks are purchasing it & (hopefully) building it. This is too beautiful of a kit to leave it in the box! The accompanying images showing the Ramshackle construction 'in-progress' is the "Practice" Pilot Model. We I am done with this practice model I will begin constructing the 'real' Pilot Model for this kit. Most likely, the practice pilot will end up here for sale. This rare *illusive* Ramshackle Engine Shed kit will accommodate HOn2-1/2 / HOn30/HOn3 engines with a maximum length of 31'-10". The Interior footprint of this facility measures 1.425"W x 1.545"T x 4.400"L

Looking for Details? We've got them ...

 Vertical Boiler & Water Tank Mini Scene Kit-Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas Yorke Ent.
 N/1-160 Scale - HO/1:87 Scale S/1:64 ScaleO/1;48 Scale
Click on your scale to see this product. Assembly, finish, & weathering  instructions are in the Product Description.

Z Scale “Brick, Wood, Cut Stone, Concrete & Rock” Tunnel Portal & "Optional Retaining Walls Z/1:320-Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas Yorke Ent. (More Portals & Walls coming shortly)
Portal-2-11/16”wide x  2-1/8”tall &  Optional Retaining Wall(s) 2-1/4”wide x 1-7/8”tall
You would be surprised to know that Z Scale is very popular and according to one of our website visitors/customers; "Dude, you know that those Z Scale Tunnel Portals & Retaining Wall Sets make great bridges and overpasses in HO & O scale!" And I said. Yep!

 Rooftop Flat-Top Power Vent Kit (6 kits)-Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas Yorke Ent.
 N/1-160 Scale - HO/1:87 Scale - S/1:64 ScaleO/1;48 Scale
Click on your scale to see this product. Assembly, finish, & weathering  instructions are in the Product Description.

 Ash Pit & Details Kit for Enginehouse/Roundhouse HO & N Scales-Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas Yorke Ent.
Kit includes: N Scale-3”x 2-5/8” x 1/2”tall / HO Scale 3”x 3-1/8” x 1/2”tall LabStone Casting, timber risers, (3) ash barrels, metal support bar, & NBWs
Click on the image at the right to see the N & HO product. Assembly, finish, & weathering  instructions are in the Product Description and as always, Doctor Ben's is highly recommended!  
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  And finally, Yes, the United States Postal Service has increased postal rates will increase beginning January 27, 2019.  

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