Below Average February Weather Temps!

  Yes, that's what our local weather person just announced for February's expected temperatures--Below Average! YIKES! Our early morning temperatures here in NE Georgia have been in the low to mid-20s off and on for the past few days.
  That said, my New Year Resolution is to upload each weekly (or so) Blog by the following week. Over the past year we have receive multiple inquiries from Customers asking about one Newsletter or another and uploading the weekly Blog will save time for both the Customer and me having to track down a specific Blog.
  We've been really busy filling orders this week and I found some time to finish the Pilot Model Structures for the Feed Store & Annex Set Kit. These two structures have never been offered as a set, so this set may be just for a limited time. You still have some time to order the set using the Waiting List link to get Free Shipping (CLICK either image). I'm not certain how long we'll leave this as a set but eventually the structures will only be available individually.
  The image above right is a model of this Feed Store & Annex complexand I am sorry to say that I have lost his name to give him credit. If you know this person PLEASE send us his name so that I may credit him with the build. FYI Our plan is to offer this kit with platforms and loading dock as you see in this image as well as a water tank in the roof and lots & lots of Stack 'o Sacks, boxes, barrels, etc! Stay tuned for more updates!
Industrial Engine House Cyclone Power Vent Kits HO & O Scale
   We've receive inquiries about our Two Stall Shortline/Industrial Engine House Kit and modelers interested in the availability of the Industrial Engine House Cyclone Power Vent Kits that adorn the roof of this facility. The Vent kits are a 2-piece casting (Labstone) which is extremely easy to stain & weather and very reasonably prices compared to similar kits by other vendors.Watch for the O Scale Vent kits to become available soon as well as the HO Lean-To kits (both short and long). The HO & O Scale Lean-To (short) is also available separately.
Doctor Ben's Aged Driftwood Weathering Stain 4oz
  Using this Doctor Ben's Product: Ever since 1991 we have offered Doctor Ben's Aged Driftwood Weathering Stain as a non-petroleum, identical color match replacement for the long defunct Floquil Flo-Stains© products; especially Floquil Driftwood stain made famous by the Fine Scale Miniatures kit instructions of the 1970s to present. Thousands of jars of Doctor Ben's Aged Driftwood Weathering Stain have been sold with equally thousands of satisfied customers. CLICK HERE or image at right for more information ...

the Shed & Boiler Kit Short Line Freight

HO & O ScaleThomas A. Yorke Enterprises is now Scale Model Masterpieces

Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises is now Scale Model Masterpieces

We have added several Options to chose or NOT chose when purchasing this kit. 1) The Option of adding Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains and/or Weathering Solutions used for the finish & weathering of the Pilot Model (10% savings when purchased with this kit); and/or 2) Roof Material-Choices of either Corrugated Metal or Seamed Tarpaper (Grey or Red Oxide) are available instead of the Doctor Ben's Precision "Square City Shake Shingles (#DBZ6153) included in this kit.

  Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises is now Scale Model Masterpieces  A side note of "what other stuff" is included with this kit. Well, everything seen in the picture as plus: (3) Boxes—#5045, (3) Boxes—#5050, (2) Covered Stack—#5180, (2) Stack o' Sacks—#5106, and (2) Stack o'Sacks—#5085 which are all cast in our Labstone gypsum just like our Scale Model Masterpieces kits.

Be sure to keep checking back at our website Blog for the updates—we've got some great ideas planned!  United States Postal Service has announced (AGAIN) that postal rates will increase in January 27, 2019!

Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises is now Scale Model MasterpiecesBrick Chimney Kit HO Scale (3 kits)

Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises is now Scale Model Masterpieces

SIZE: About 1/4" square x 1" tall Plus 1/2"long pipe extension (may be shortened)

SMM/Yorke Detail Parts are composed of UNFINISHED / UNASSEMBLED Resin, Wood, Plastic, and/or White Metal parts-Assembly & Finish Required. Assembly using most plastic cements and painting may be completed by hand or an air brush. Want to know how to weather your finished model? Just Ask!  United States Postal Service has announced that postal rates will increase in January 27, 2019!

Doctor Ben's Weathered Rust Weathering Solution 4ozDBZ1154 - Doctor Ben's Weathering Solution
#1154 Ready-To-Use Weathering Solution for Wood, Plastic, Hydrocal
©, Metal & Much More-4oz Jar & 8oz, too!

  When I first began building Fine Scale Miniatures kits  (manufactured by George Sellios) many years ago, the part that I enjoyed the most was the weathering. Nothing irked me more than to build a model in a brand new, pristine condition. I began looking for something more that what the FSM instructions offered. Don't get me wrong, I owe a great deal of what I learned about building models from building early Thomas A. Yorke kits, Model Masterpieces kits, Builders in Scale kits, Timberline kits; heck, there's even a thing or two to learn from building the Campbell kits.  CLICK HERE or image at right for more information ...

Transition Era/Modern Era Pre-Fab Metal Track Scale & Maintenance Shed Kit
  #3133 HO/HOn3/HOn30-Scale 

Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas A. Yorke Ent. 

Foot Print: 3-1/2" x 1-1/2" (Platform not included in this kit)

  Each kit comes with the finest Thomas A York LabStone/Dental Stone castings including a very nicely detailed one-piece roof section and separate platform and steps (#3132 only).

  The windows are Grandt Line molded plastic and each kit comes with an assortment of Scale Model Masterpieces LabStone Boxes & barrels. And yes, Doctor Ben's Weathering would look good on the roof. Instructions are full-size sheets and included is a color photograph! See Our New HO-Scale Model Masterpieces Kits & Details!

  And finally, Yes, the United States Postal Service has announced that postal rates will increase (about 5-6%) in January 27, 2019.  This may be your last chance to take advantage of current postal rates before the big increase!

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