Having a Good Summer?!

 So, if you're reading this Newsletter, you have; for better or for worse, are surviving the dreadful Summer heat or playing it safe and staying indoors with much more comfortable air conditioning ... which is what we are doing up here in Maryland's Eastern Shore!
  Debbie's 99 year old Mom is having a grand time at her new assisted care center. Mom found out that two other tenants are already 100 years old so she is NOT the oldest tenant which is quite the change for her. So fare her biggest challenge is adapting to eat breakfast as 7 AM; something Mom hasn't done a very long time!
  We received an email from Rusty Stumps announcing that October 31, 2019 is the day that they are closing their doors.. whether they sell the business or not. Yep, just like us many hobby manufacturers are of the retirement age and calling it quits. We will be stepping up our Business for Sale announcement in this coming month. We're been busy with plenty of orders this Summer and next week kids will be headed back to school and the selling season starts up real soon!  See you in the Hobby Room!
Baby Building Blocs Split Granite Textures-Two Pounder Special with and without Handy Blade Tool Size: 1/8"Thick x 1/4"Wide x 1/2" Long (all sizes are approximate)
  The colors may vary from the color that you are viewing on this screen due toDoctor Ben's 1/8 individual computer monitor color resolutions. We also offer "bulk" purchases for those really BIG jobs. We can also provide custom lengths & widths. Please contact us for a quote on your specific project.
  Each 11 ounce box contains at least 36 square inches of wall space when our Blocs are stacked flat as shown in the image to the right. It is very easy to assemble them right out of the box for a rustic finish or trim  ... Read More ...

5th Anniversary Edition: Rubbles Depot Kit by Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises HO/HOn3/HOn2/HOn30

As we mention in our October 2015 Newsletter & here in our website Blog, changes for the HO & O scale Rubbles kits are complete. The rusty brown corrugated metal roof is "back" on, the tower is glued in place and the windows & door are in-WHEW! And, *tons* of Options: Pick & choose your preferred roof, add all the Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains & Solutions described in the updated Instructions (and save 10-11%); additional SMM Details Set; and even another Loading Dock. Yes, ththis kit DOES include a Loading Dock; some folks like it so much that they want another!

So, all that said, we are offering a bunch of of "Options' for you to choose to add such as the Doctor Ben's Solutions and/or Stains listed and used in the Instructions for building this kit. Also offered are some optional roofing types for those would would like something other than the corrugated metal. Neat, HUH?

Not only does this kit come with "the Loading Dock Kit, but also a "ton" of Scale Model Masterpieces Detail Castings, you have the Option to ADD one or more Details Set (s) to the kit purchase.

The following is the list of SMM Details are included in this list: 

3 pieces each of: SMM5050, SMM5045, SMM5011, & SMM5041 and then 1 piece each of: SMM5139, SMM5170, SMM5178, SMM5180, SMM5106, SMM5030, SMM5035, SMM5100, SMM5135, SMM5105, SMM5085, & SMM5040(setof 3). Yeah, I know; that's a lot of details, right? Options, options, options! What else can we do???

  Be sure to scroll down to read all about the some of the Progress images and the descriptions that we share while in the process of constructing the 5th Anniversary Rubbles Depot Kit Pilot Model.

Doctor Ben's  Realistic Rust Weathering Solution #1150-4oz Jar & 8oz, too!

  When I first began building Fine Scale Miniatures kits  (manufactured by George Sellios) many years ago, the part that I enjoyed the most was the weathering. Nothing irked me more than to build a model in a brand new, pristine condition. I began looking for something more that what the FSM instructions offered. Don't get me wrong, I owe a great deal of what I learned about building models from building early Thomas A. Yorke kits, Model Masterpieces kits, Builders in Scale kits, Timberline kits; heck, there's even a thing or two to learn from building the Campbell kits.

Save 12% over purchasing all four individually! Item #SMM5003

Scale Model Masterpieces-Boxes & Blocks & Bricks--Oh My!
    A few years ago we purchase the California Freight & Details Co HO product line. And believe it or not, we still have a number of the detail parts that we have yet to release. So, Here are four (4) newly released palleted sets: SMM5000-Palleted Boxes-Large w/Risers (2pcs);SMM5004-Palleted Boxes-Medium w/Risers (2pcs);SMM5010-Palleted Boxes-Small w/Risers (2pcs); &SMM5075-Palleted Cement Blocks-w/Risers (2pcs). Save 12% over purchasing all four individually! Item #SMM5003. Watch for our upcoming How-To Tutorial on our website Blog Coming Very Soon

For Sale: Scale Model Masterpieces formerly Thomas A Yorke Ent, California Freight & Details, & Sequoia Scale Models (Limited Products)
Questions we have received:
  1) Is this Scale Model Masterpieces business profitable? Yes it is. Current product line is just over 300 SKUs.
  2) What can be done to make this business be more profitable? We have NOT attended a model convention and even in the past six years which we expect the new owner to return to the various conventions, events and shows which will bring much more exposure than what we currently do over the Internet and word of mouth.
  3) What all is included? The entire SMM business includes everything from the Thomas A Yorke Ent, California Freight & Model Co & Sequoia Scale Models (N-scale tunnel portals & retaining walls-currently not in products that we merged to form the Scale Model Masterpieces ... Read More ...

image text

Doctor Ben's How-To #4: "Hot Glue Casting" Booklet Now Available!!   A number of years ago I was browsing through my old Gazette magazines and I picked up the January/February 1982 issue where I found an interesting article. In this long-out-of print magazine, I found an article about casting detail parts. In that article Terry Metcalfe described how he cast parts by melting beads of a thermoplastic called “Makit and Bakit” beads in RTV molds using an ordinary kitchen oven. I decided that this process was definitely NOT going to work for me.
  As a former Mold Maker/Tool & Die maker, I am quite familiar with the plastic injection process which if you were not aware is how many of our daily plastic products are made. I tried Terry's technique several times in my plethora of RTV rubber molds and I just could not get them to come out as well as his article discussed. One day I happened to be using a hot glue gun in my hobby room and I had an epiphany. And the rest is history....

  It has been nearly 30 years since my "Hot Glue Casting" technique was published in the "Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette" magazine. Although this innovative process hasn't changed much over time, the availability and cost of Room Temperature Vulcanizing Silicone (RTV) as well as weathering and finishes has had some significant innovations. Now is as good a time as any to refresh this article with additional information and lots more color photos than was in the original publication.                                                             (16pgs color & B/W) Read More ...

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