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  Happy Flag Day USA! And Welcome to our one and only Father's Day Weekend Celebration & Sale Newsletter where nearly everything in our website is 10% OFF! But you'll have to scroll down in this Newsletter to discover the required CODE needed to save big bucks!
  Our apologies for being so late with this Newsletter. We've been so crazy busy it's been challenging to find the time to do anything but make products and pack/ship as fast as the Orders come in. We're also interviewing High School students to help us with our businesses.
  Lots of folks are asking lots of questions about our businesses that we have for sale. Many of them have stated that they are nearing retirement and looking for a turn-key operation hoping to avoid all the complications of *growing* a business from scratch. I can't say that I don't blame them. When we purchased Thomas A Yorke Ent nearly ten years ago, Doctor Ben's was already in place and quite busy at the time. It took us almost two years to sort through the hundreds of boxes containing thousands of "un-marker/non-labeled molds, master patterns, drawings,literature and minutia that came with the purchase of the business.Things are very organized now but there's always room for improvement!
  So, have a great Father's Day this Sunday! See you in the Hobby Room ...
8-Jar Weathering Solution Set #2 & How-To Booklet
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium
The Doctor Ben's  #DBZ1181 8-Jar Weathering Solution Set includes: #1150-Realistic Rust, #1152-Instant Age, #1154-Weathered Rust, #1158-Grimy Dusty Buff, #1156-Granite Ballast Grey, #1159-Huck's Whitewash, #1157-Pond Scum, & #1160-Muddy River Bottom;  and the How-To #1 Booklet all of which are Ready-To-Use Weathering Solutions (4oz jar) for Wood, Plastic, Hydrocal©, Metal & Much More
  Please CLICK HERE for lots more details about this amazing Weathering Solution Set!.
*NEW* Worn Brick Weathering Pigment-2oz
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium #1371
  We sincerely believe that this is the most realistic topical application that you will ever find-guaranteed! Doctor Ben's Worn Brick Weathering Pigments are intensely strong but easily thinned with Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol (or water) to reduce its preferred intensity. Using Doctor Ben's Worn Brick Weathering Pigments is ideal for adding the realistic weathered look by applying this product dry with a stiff hobby brush or using the lid for the jar to create a pallet from which various intensities may be created to flow into cracks and crevasses creating the illusion of shadows and depth. All this and much, much more is found in our Doctor Ben's How-To: #3 instructional booklet!
Rail Brown Weathering Stain-4oz
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium #1092
   Using this Doctor Ben's Product: Ever since 1991 we have offered Doctor Ben's Aged Driftwood Weathering Stain as a non-petroleum, identical color match replacement for the long defunct Floquil Flo-Stains© products; especially Floquil Driftwood stain made famous by the Fine Scale Miniatures kit instructions of the 1970s to present. Thousands of jars of Doctor Ben's Aged Driftwood Weathering Stain have been sold with equally thousands of satisfied customers. ...

Doctor Ben's How-To #4: Hot Glue Casting Technique booklet  image text

 A number of years ago I was browsing through my old Gazette magazines and I picked up the January/February 1982 issue where I found an interesting article. In this long-out-of print magazine, I found an article about casting detail parts. In that article Terry Metcalfe described how he cast parts by melting beads of a thermoplastic called “Makit and Bakit” beads in RTV molds using an ordinary kitchen oven. I decided that this process was definitely NOT going to work for me. ...

  It has been nearly 30 years since my "Hot Glue Casting" technique was published in the "Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette" magazine. Although this innovative process hasn't changed much over time, the availability and cost of Room Temperature Vulcanizing Silicone (RTV) as well as weathering and finishes has had some significant innovations. Now is as good a time as any to refresh this article with additional information and lots more color photos than was in the original publication.

O Scale Logging Camp Cook House & Portable Cabin Houses Kits

HO & O Scale 3-structure Limited Time Set has Ended!

 This Limited Run Kit ran much longer than expected! But, just like the HO version, this O scale kit is available separately as a Cook House Kit and separately as a Portable Camp House Kit. We have had tons of requests in both scales for just the Cook House or just the Portable Cabins. Hopefully, (or maybe the New Owner?) a Tool Shed and a Saw Sharpening Shed might be offered as well!

  Originally we things just a little bit differently. The Cook & Portable Cabin Houses included windows in the rear walls instead of the original windowless rear walls. We will be going back to the plain rear walls in the portable units in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more information to come soon.

  PLUS! Kits include a ton of Details ...  continued here ... Is anyone thinking Happy Father's Day?

 Our Father's Day Weekend Sale starts today where practically everything* in our Website is 10% Off --> Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium - Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas A. Yorke Ent. - California Freight & Details Company - Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette - Grandt Line Products - And many, Many more products... Practically 1,000 items!

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* Please Note: There are only two groups not included in this sale: OOP/Fine Scale Miniatures HO Consignment Kits & Smoky Mountain Built Up Dioramas as well as our Ebay Store.

Look what we found!

  C&S SECTION HOUSE KIT-Model Masterpieces HOn3/HOn30
New-Old-Stock (NOS) Kit. Good to Excellent Condition.
  Super rare LONG out of production kit. Complete kit , inspected and limited to just a few available kits. This may be your last chance to own one!
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