I can not count how many times folks have told both Debbie and me how wonderfully our Doctor Ben's products work or how much that they appreciate us having spent the time and resources to bring back the Thomas A. Yorke Ent structure line (now Scale Model Masterpieces). And truthfully, over the years we have received quite a few emails with photos as well as photos that customers have paid to develop and then mail to us showing how that used our products. Unfortunately, we have never had the time and/or the resources to share this portfolio of work with the rest of our customers; until now!

  Fortunately for us the "NEW" DEBenLLC website has all the bells and whistles we need to share our Customer Photos with our website visitors. We depend on our customer's word-of-mouth for our advertising and we are super happy to use this opportunity to provide our customers a means to show off how they use our Doctor Ben's Products and their variations of building our Scale Model Masterpieces kits and details. We have set up the  Customer Photos section to display the modeling by scale which provides a opportunity for those "rubber scale" customers to have their modeling displayed among other models of a specific scale.

  So, we are looking for a few good modelers for now it the time to send in a few photos of your modeling using our products. And we ask one thing, PLEASE include a couple of sentences describing what you used and which of our products and how your use our products. Sharing your experiences is the best way to learn new techniques because someone may try your ideas and do it a little differently and come up with a different result and everyone ends up all the better modeler for it.

  J.W. Wenrich's ManufactoryFinally on the topic of the  Customer Photos section, you will find the bottom link to a specific person; me. The Richard Bendever is linked to the Smoky Mountain Model Building page where you will find some of the modeling that i have completed over the years. When we migrated this website over from our previous hosting company many of the links to the photos of the dioramas that I built became broken and needed to be updated. This is a work in progress so when you see broken links in the SMMB links, don't panic. I have about half of them done and I am working on the other as I can find time. Thank you for your patience.

  BTW We mentioned in a previous BLOG that we would be bringing over he www.drbens.com blog  as well as the Scale Model Masterpieces domain too! Hopefully, This is coming very soon!