The State of Our Nation (so to speak)...

 So here we are one month into our "new' website. WHEW! With one day left in this month we've experience 2,840+ Unique Visitors from around the world with 16,200+ Clicks (unique page visits). This amount of activity is over doubled the volume from our old website and we've yet to engage the Search Engine Optimizations (SEOs); not too shabby!

  We suspect that with all this activity along with these periodic Newsletters, How-To Blog postings and a "cleaner", less cluttered website, that this format really seems to be a positive move to attract more customers from our Ebay Store to our DEBenLLC 
WebStore. Many folks have notice the reduced postage on the website and only a few have asked why. FYI We have the S&H setting on the
DEBenLLC WebStore set to $0.00; not charging a S&H fee on postage (DEBenLLC WebStore only). Ebay charges each Seller a percentage of the postage for each Ebay transaction which is why we have the $1.65 S&H added to the Ebay Store postage. So, save yourself some money and purchase the the same products in our DEBenLLC WebStore and still receive the same great service!

  Also, this past week we have added a "Customer Photos" link in the Home Page Footer Bar. We invite everyone to send us photos of your models where you have used Doctor Ben's Products or built one of our fabulous Scale Model Masterpieces kits. Please accompany the photos with a sentence or tow or three of which Doctor Ben's product you used and how you used it. Please reply to this message or send your pictures and descriptions to Pictures of My Models.

   So, you're only a click away from seeing more of our progress! And please be sure to share this Newsletter with your friends. Word-of-mouth is our only source of advertising. Many thanks for your continued business.