Looking for a Few Modelers!

  I can not count how many times folks have told both Debbie and me how wonderfully our Doctor Ben's products work or how much that they appreciate us having spent the time and resources to bring back the Thomas A. Yorke Ent structure line (now Scale Model Masterpieces). 

And truthfully, over the years we have received quite a few emails with photos as well as photos that customers have paid to develop and then mailing the photos to us showing how they used our DEBenLLC products. Unfortunately, we have never had the time and/or the resources to share this portfolio of work with the rest of our customers; until now! Read all about this story and more in our all "NEW" DEBenLLC website Blog about our Customer Photos page.

  Above photo credit: HO scale diorama by Susan Ray using Doctor Ben's Weathering Solutions. Read about Susan's model in our Customer Photos page.

Featured Product of the Week  HO/HOn3/HOn30

Scale Model Masterpieces #SMM5125 ROOF ACCESS STAIR COVER-(2pcs) Color-cast medium grey.