Website Update & Other Stuff!

  I was updating the HO Scale Product List (and removing the Jordan Miniatures) this past week and realized that the Scale Model Masterpieces (formerly Thomas A Yorke Ent & Cal Freight products) now has over 350+ individual items. And I thought to myself, self; the SMM Product Sub-Categories must be getting really congested by now.
  OMG! Was I ever right. So we (me) began the process of de-clutter-izing the Sub-Categories by creating Sub-Sub Categories. For instance: the SMM Detail Parts Sub-Categories for HO Detail Parts are now HO Scale  >  Architectural , DetailsBoxes, Barrels, & CratesCovered DetailsJunk Pile DetailsPalleted ItemsRooftop DetailsStacked ItemsStumps, and Tanks. WHEW! And this is over 80 items alone! I've just begun this process so please be patient with me while I muddle through it.

  The rest of the Scale are receiving similar treatment except for Z Scale ... there are just a handful of Z Scale items at this time.

Scheduled Newsletter Delivery Days - We had not realized that so many DEBenLLC Newsletter Subscribers were either using their work email or receiving an email too late in the week to be able to respond to the Newsletter Special before a Deadline Expiration. We're going to try harder to schedule the DEBenLLC Newsletters to be sent on Wednesday or very early Thursdays mornings. Many thanks to those individuals who shared this issue with us.

What scale is it that you mainly work in? - Believe it or not, not every person who places an order on our website is a DEBenLLC Newsletter Subscriber. And the times that they are a Subscriber, they may not have indicated in their Newsletter Profile their primary modeling scale. We mention this because Debbie attempts to include a scale specific Product List for each order that a Customer places. You are welcome to include your Primary Scale information in the Comment Box which is at the bottom of the website shopping Cart prior to going to the next page to provide Shipping & Payment information. Or you could sign up for our Newsletter and include the scale information in your Newsletter Profile.

Somebody has a Birthday! - Actually, there are two somebody's one of whom is turning 96 years old next week which requires that we (Debbie & me) make that annual trek to Maryland. I'm not saying when or for how long, but Orders should be placed sooner rather than later. Otherwise, an Order will not be fulfilled and shipped until our return. I'm just saying ...
Got OOPS!? - So in last week's Newsletter there was a good deal of discussion about Complimentary OOPS! Details and how to get them. But what folks really wanted to know was "what does an OOPS! set look like?" At right is a sample image that will vary depending upon space & weight.
Did you miss out on the 25% Off Gazette & Free Shipping Offer a couple of weeks ago. This may be your last chance! Read on ...

30% Off & Free Shipping for Gazettes!

  A couple of weeks ago we offered a 25% Off available Gazette magazines and although special aided our attempt to dwindle down our *huge* stack of Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette magazines. We are going to need to make more space before we can bring out more Thomas A Yorke Enterprises kits (now Scale Model Masterpieces!). Although we have sold quite a few Gazette's, there are still many more issues available and this is your lucky day!
30% OFF! & Free USPS Mailing! 
  This deal is simple: Free USPS Media Mail Shipping (US Domestic only) and spend $20 and using the following Code: gaz30 get 30% off all NG&SL Gazette magazines--both single issues and annual sets! No Code; No Discount! Limited supply! 
United States Postal Service Rate "Update" Update!
  In case you missed Update for the USPS January 17, 2016 Postage Rate increase of almost 27% in First Class Package and the good news on April 10th; the USPS partially reversed the increases for the rates changed to almost 17% instead of the 27%. There was also a concern that USPS First Class packages were NO LONGER considered an expedited service. 

Just this past week and without any Fan Fare, USPS First Class packages were changed, again to be considered an expedited service. We can only wonder what other changes are coming ....

Oh wait, on May 1, 2016 Ebay is completely restructuring is selling Platforms including significantly increasing it's Seller Anchor Store rates. I would like to go on the record for reiterating my suspicions that for the past few years Ebay has trying to morph its Flea Market Selling structure to more closely resemble Amazon. Ebay made Ebay Labeled Packaging, Tape & Supplies available to Sellers this past week. If only there were a quasi-Ebay platform that was half as successful as the old Ebay use to be. OK, I'm stepping down off the stump. Later, Ben

Many thanks for your business and continued patronage!
Debbie & Richard Bendever