Jordan Jackson "Highway Miniatures"

Jordan Jackson's Passing 

  I apologize for not sharing this information sooner. Ten days ago Jordan Jackson passed away of natural causes.


Dear Family, Friends, and Fellow Modelers,

It is with a heavy heart that I share with you the passing of friend and fellow modeler, Jordan Jackson. Some of you may have known Jordan by his namesake, Jordan "Highway Miniatures." First operated by his father (Harvey Jackson) from the early 1960's and then passed onto Jordan (and his brother) upon his father passing, Jordan and "Highway Miniatures" kits continued throughout the years to be the hobby industry standard of quality and attention to detail.

I have had the privilege of being associated with both Jordan and Harvey Jackson ever since I first began constructing Fine Scale Miniatures structure kits back in the very early 1980's. In my early days as a Mold Maker and Tool & Die Maker, it was quite easy for me to appreciate the finesse and patience necessary for the Jackson family to have in order to produce such finely injection molded kits. I only hope that whomever continues the manufacturing of this product line will be able to successfully do so at the high caliber of dedication and consistence maintained by the Jackson family for the past 42 years. Rest in Peace Jordan. We miss you already.

Detroit Press 2016-02-22
JORDAN STANLEY JACKSON of Brighton, Michigan passed away after a brief illness on February 18, 2016 at the age of 73. Jordan was preceded in death by his sister, Marjorie Bregi and parents, Harvey W. and Margaret M. (nee Piasecki) Jackson. Survived by sisters, Patricia (James) Iley and Susan Teague; brother, Ralph (Priscilla) Jackson; brother-in-law, James (Gail) Bregi; many nieces and nephews as well as extended family and dear friends, especially his special friend, Kerry Young and her children Cody, Connor, Kamile, and Kimberly. A Memorial Service (was) held at the Fellowship Baptist Church, 10774 9 Mile Rd, Whitmore Lake, Michigan on Tuesday, February 23, 2016.

COMMERCIAL/ROOFTOP A/C UNITS (2pcs) Scale Model Masterpieces HO, S & O Scales
  It has been a while since these A/C units have been available simply because they fell off the radar. And since Summer is just around the corner, we thought that our Scale Model Masterpieces Roof Top Commercial A/C Units would make a great addition to help keep you empire structure on your model or layout cool!
  There are six (6) 
Roof Top Commercial A/C Units, but until I can find some time to pour some more RTV molds, we have just the four (4) units available---at this time. Each scale includes two (2) A/C Units in four variations. Since there are so many sets in three scales the easiest way for you to find them on our website is to type in the words COMMERCIAL/ROOFTOP in the Search Box which will bring up all twelve detail sets. Then scroll down to look for your scale & Bob's your Uncle!

 Lastly, also something A/C related that is soon to arrive are Commercial A/C Units with Ductwork and additionally, Ductwork kits/Sets.  One of my pet peeves when I see a structure is the lack of decent roof details which if a structure does have some roof details, what i see appears to be a last minute addition or after thought. 


New Addition to Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain Sets!
  For a Limited Time we have made an addition to each of the four (4) Doctor Ben's "Weathering Stain Sets". In each set we are including one of our brand newScale Model Masterpieces "Junk Piles" in each --set sort of like a Cracker Jack box, only you get to know the prize: a Junk Pile to practice with the Doctor Ben's Weathering Products and then add the finished casting to your model or layout!
  Since there are four (4) Weathering Stain Sets, for a limited time we will include SMM5501 in Stain Set #1; SMM5502 in Stain Set #2; SMM5503 in Stain Set #3; & SMM5504 in Stain Set #4! Each of these Junk Piles has a value of $4.89 to $5.89. Yes, the Junk Piles are labeled as HO but realistically, junk is a multi-scale item, right? Well, at least we think so and I've been known to mix scale junk on my dioramas for as longs as i have constructed them.

  And by the way, this offer is NOT available in our DEBenLLCP-P Ebay Store.  

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