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Updating our Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain & Weathering Solution Charts


  A number of years ago and quite a few Weathering Stains & Weathering Solution less than we have now, one of our customers created the Weathering Stain Chart that you see (above left). And based upon the number of requests for an update, it's about time that we create a "New" color chart especially since we're about to add two brand new Weathering Stains!

  The new chart will be formatted just like the original chart with a few changes. The chart will start with Aged Driftwood (#1097) and eventually end up with the two new Weathering Stains; Timberline Green (#1065) & Faded Slate Gray (#1064).

 The stain application will be just as is shown in the original chart beginning on the left with three (3) coats of the color; then two (2) coats of the color in the middle; and then a "wash" coat on the right. In case you do not remember or you not yet read one of my Blogs, Clinic Handouts, or Scale Model Masterpieces kit Instructional Booklets (including How-To Booklet #2), the "wash" technique is created by dipping the tip of the 1/4' round paint brush into the stain or solution and then applying that combination to the surface of the detail and/or casting an/or wood and/or plastic-well, you get it, right?

   Just remember that although our Stains, Solutions and Pigments are "color-fast" (sunlight & ultraviolet lights do not fade them), our Weathering Stains are not thick like hobby paints so the detail is not lost by apply another coat.

  For the complete "Tips & Techniques" Blog article, please visit website! See you there!

Scale Model Masterpieces New Product Spotlight!






 N/HO/S/O Scale

Scale Model Masterpieces (formerly Cal Freight) 

N-Scale SMM2179 - HO Scale SMM5179 - S-Scale SMM7179 - O-Scale SMM9179



Canvas Covered Machinery-#2 3pcs

  We just recently discovered even more of these Canvas Covered Machinery #2 resin castings. Even though the bottom of the casting is flat, I found that I can create the look that the covered equipment is sitting on a pallet supported by vertical boards. I do this by simply cutting to size & cementing scale 2"x4" wood (not included) in two or three places evenly spaced so that the fork lift driver doesn't have to struggle getting the forks under the load. A thinned wash of Doctor Ben's Realistic Oak (#1081) or Doctor Ben's Natural Pine (#1082) will create that finish look to the scale wood nicely.

  That said, we "still" have a number of other "Covered Loads" also coming up so allow your imagination to wonder as to how to use them. Obviously, they will look great on a loading dock and just inside a warehouse door for additional detail. But, I can see the loads riding on a flatbed truck and/or trailer as well as a flatcar sitting on a siding or traveling around the track. You be the judge; it's your railroad empire!

  These Scale Model Masterpieces Detail Parts are composed of UNFINISHED/ UNASSEMBLED Natural High Quality Color-Cast Resin and/or Labstone castings/parts-Assembly & Finish may be Required. Assembly using most plastic cements and painting may be completed by hand or an air brush. Want to know how to weather your finished model? Got Questions? Always Ask!