Blog: Doctor Ben's Product Review!

   Every so often we are pleasantly surprised when we receive news that a Customer has Reviewed on of our products in a paper publication or on the Internet. This is such a Product Review of our Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain Set #1 & How-To #2 Booklet by Mike Cougill in the "O Scale Trains" magazine publication.

Many thanks Mike!

Back in the 1950s, John Allen rocked the world of model railroading by modeling the effects of age and weathering on objects such as structures and rolling stock. Since that time, a model doesn't look complete without some dust, grime, peeling paint or rust. Today, weathering of models has become an art form in its own right (see our feature article on pg4, O Scale Trains, Sept/Oct, 2008).
   Award winning modeler and diorama-ist Richard "Ben" Bendever has created a line of weathering stains and products based on his NMRA Clinic techniques                                                                                       ....
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Bordello Diorama: 2-Story or 3-Story? Vote on facebook...

   I am constructing a Scale Model Masterpieces HO scale Roxie's Bordello & Pool Hall diorama. I have flipped the bordello and pool hall so that they are position opposite from how the instruction sheet. I am contemplating whether or not to make this structure 2-story or 3 -story.

  The photos for both versions are on our Fan Page. (fb requires "Premium Membership to include images in this Poll-stupid, right?) So, Friend us on facebook so you can vote on this Poll as well as fb "Specials" that we run occasionally.