Scale Model Masterpieces Tip: Creating Natural Wall Joints
Adjusting Corners
Since the corner column protrusion can easily be overlooked when assembling two stone (or brick) walls, the natural inclination is to attempt to make the one wall fit flush with the side wall where there is supposed to be a corner column. This is wrong for a couple of reasons: 1) The original design was meant for the structure to have a corner column, & 2) A whole lot of unnecessary work & time can be spent in trying to make the flush joint look good (and it never does).

The remedy is to use a dull X-ACTO knife to score the joints of the individual stones onto the flat/smooth surface of the wall with the corner column. Typically, scoring the joint line back 1/8” is plenty. Hopefully, the plans will be to scale, which will make this length easier to determine. Then use the dull X-ACTO to slightly round off the sharp corners of the corner stones to look more like the existing stone corners.

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