First Week of Fall Flash Sale!      

  We'll guess who forgot to have a First Day of Fall Flash Sale?! My apologies ... things around here are just so hectic with all the casting, making products, speaking with Customers on the phone as well as Business Buyer Prospects, the "planned" Flash Sale totally slipped my mind. Not to worry though, we're making this a 48-ish Hour Event with Coupon Code and everything. Simply scroll down thought this Newsletter and all the information is there--WHEW!
  We receive lots of weathering & finish questions every week and every so often we receive a question that I feel other modelers may be interested in reading. We did post a question in last Wednesday's Newsletter, so here is another question: When staining clapboard siding panels, will the stain warp the precut pieces? 
  REPLY:  It depends on the type of wood and size. Some wood is more sensitive and even Rubbing Alcohol will cause slight warp. And yes, I always stain both sides whenever possible for two reasons: Staining both sides seals the the wood preventing it from the humidity in a room which can be causing things to happen unexpectedly to the model.
 And two, staining both sides of the wood (or all four sides of strip wood) pretty much eliminates warp age which is typically caused by the wet stain "on only one side of the wood" drying and thus, shrinking and pulling the wood into a curved or warped state..
    Pretty simple, huh? Send us some pics of the finish model we can post on our website! Got more questions? ASK! See you in the Hobby Room ...

Business For Sale: Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium
Hobby Weathering & Scratchbuilding Products

These Doctor Ben's products have been Developed over the years from the Modeling Creations of NMRA National Award Winning Dioramas by Richard E. (Ben) Bendever

 This is a substantial business offering and due to the listing limitation of this venue it is impossible address everything included in this purchase as detailed on our website. Please refer to the Feedback of this site to review the 100% Positive Comments address our level of Customer Service and business integrity at which we operate our businesses.

   While we have been extremely successful in building the businesses that we offer For Sale, health issues have restricted many opportunities to grow this business even more than it has grown over the past 16+ years. That said, we have not yet reached the total potential and some of the following Questions and Replies provides a good amount of information of what is possible and what resources and material are included in ...CLICK HERE TO READ MORE 

For Sale: Scale Model Masterpieces formerly Thomas A Yorke Ent, California Freight & Details, & Sequoia Scale Models (Limited Products)

This is a "turn key" operation. Just as quickly as you can get it set up you can be selling products immediately! Questions we have received:

  1) Is this Scale Model Masterpieces business profitable? Yes it is. Current product line is just over 300 SKUs.

  2) What can be done to make this business be more profitable? We have NOT attended a model convention and even in the past six years which we expect the new owner to return to the various conventions, events and shows which will bring much more exposure than what we currently do over the Internet and word of mouth... Got Questions Please Read On!

What's a Fall Flash Sale?

  Our 48-ish Hour FlasH Sale starts today and ends Midnight September 29, 2019 EDST where practically everything*--almost 1,000 items--> Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium - Scale Model Masterpieces /Thomas A. Yorke Ent. - California Freight & Details Company - Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette - Grandt Line Products - And many, Many more products... Practically 1,000 items!

   FlasH Sale Code to use at Checkout Code: flash5 needed! Just spend $20 and the website does all the rest for you. All Credit Cards- AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and Paypal, Checks, and Money Orders, where practically  everything* in  our Website is 5%  Off.   And, if you forget to  buy something,  you can use this Code a Second time! And ASK to combined postage for BOTH Orders! 

  * Please Note: There are only two  groups not included in this sale: OOP/Fine Scale Miniatures HO Consignment Kits & Smoky Mountain Built Up Dioramas. Also, this is Website Only offer and is NOT available in our Ebay or Ecrater Stores.

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