It's October? Only in Name!

  OK, yes the calendar does say October but the thermometer says it's more like Summer...And yes, we've had some Customers in the NW who have received 1-2 FEET of snow already, Georgia will tie it's Record of 90 days with 90 degree temperatures in a single year tomorrow (Oct 3). This Georgia heat record is currently shared between two years; 1980 and 2011, but if the temperature forecast for Friday is correct, Georgia could break this Record to make it 91 days in a single year!  Good grief!
  Our apologies for the little bit of confusion with the Flash Sale Promotion Code last weekend.  It was my fault, my trying to do too many things at the same time can cause one to forget to *check* box in the Promotion form that without the chck mark will not allow the Code to function correctly. OOPS!.
  We're still working on the N Scale Cal Freight details. Right now we are still cleaning out the "tan" residue for previous castings and deciding which details will be cast in Labstone and which details will need to be cast in resin. It's a very slow process but we try to squeeze in some time in between other activities. If only we had twice the amount of space and time  but we don't. Any way, hope that you're having a great week! See you in the Hobby Room...
11-Color Railroad Weathering Pigment Sampler Set & Booklet
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium-Multi Scale

11-Color Railroad Pack Industrial Weathering Pigment Set? #1315... Sampler Set for Amazing Results!... Included with this Industrial Pigment Set set is our *original* Doctor Ben's "How To #3: Weathering & Painting with...
Part Number: DBZ1315
See all the Doctor Ben's Weathering Pigments Here ...
"Back Road Buildin's" Warehouse #2 Kit in HO & O Scales
Need more warehouse space? Now available is the former Thomas A. Yorke Ent. "Warehouse #2" kit for a little larger complex. Tom Yorke designed this kit to be similar in design to the "Thrasher Bros.Warehouse #1" modeled after the prototype in Micanopy, Florida. This easy to build high quality Labstone cast structure positioning door and windows, has a shingle roof and sits on eight brick piers and stairs to get in the door. The tractor, automobile, tree, scenery, and Warehouse #1 are NOT included. But you can expect to get a bunch of Scale Model Masterpieces/California Freight boxes & barrels to detail the exterior of this Warehouse kit. Foot Print: HO-1-1/2" x 3" & O-2-5/8" x 5-3/8". One a side note, we did a Weathering & Building Hands-on-Clinic for the Chattanooga Modular Modelers, Inc. a 501c3 public charity Club members who purchased the Scale Model Masterpieces/Thomas Yorke Practice Wall & Details Kit  and the experience was such a hit we have decided to structure the Back Road Buildin's"  Warehouse #2 Kit also as a Practice Weathering & Building Hands-on-Clinic kit where your Club can create a fund raiser and build a model at the same time. Ask us how!
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Doctor Ben's How-To #4: Hot Glue Casting Technique booklet  

 A number of years ago I was browsing through my old Gazette magazines and I picked up the January/February 1982 issue where I found an interesting article. In this long-out-of print magazine, I found an article about casting detail parts. In that article Terry Metcalfe described how he cast parts by melting beads of a thermoplastic called “Makit and Bakit” beads in RTV molds using an ordinary kitchen oven. I decided that this process was definitely NOT going to work for me. More Here!

Blog: Doctor Ben's Product Review!

   Every so often we are pleasantly surprised when we receive news that a Customer has Reviewed on of our products in a paper publication or on the Internet. This is such a Produt Review of our Doctor Ben's Weathering Stain Set #1 & How-To #2 Booklet by Mike Cougill in the "O Scale Trains" magazine publication. Many thanks Mike!

   Back in the 1950s, John Allen rocked the world of model railroading by modeling the effects of age and weathering on objects such as structures and rolling stock. Since that time, a model doesn't look complete without some dust, grime, peeling paint or rust. Today, weathering of models has become an art form in its own right (see our feature article on pg4, O Scale Trains, Sept/Oct, 2008).
   Award winning modeler and diorama-ist Richard "Ben" Bendever has created a line of weathering stains and products based on his NMRA Clinic techniques                                                                                       .... Continued in DEBenLLC Blog

California Freight & Detail Company N Scale Details is Now Scale Model Masterpieces
  We have increased our N Scale Details by hundreds; and I do mean hundreds of boxes, barrels, junk, bags, stacks, lumber, A/C units, duct work, trucks, vans, buses, boats, sheds ... and much, much more. We do have some of the N Scale on our website, but this acquisition will explode our product inventory..
  In fact, there are a whole group of details where the masters were originally created but never made available.
  All that said, I estimate that it will take us some time to organize & sort things out. If you have an interest in anything Cal Freight detail(s) that you are desperately waiting for, please let us know and we'll do what we are able to make it available again.
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium HO/HOn3/HOn30 1:87
  Just a few years ago DEBenLLC purchase the "original" Sequoia Scale Models tooling for N, HO, S & O scale Corrugated Materials. Since then, we have introduced of the HO Metallic Cardstock Corrugated Material we have received multiple Positive Reviews for this high quality scale craftsman product. We promise that you too will find this product accurate to scale and incredibly easy to use. We hope that you will share your experiences with your fellow modelers! See all the Doctor Ben's Roofing Here ...

How-To Technique: Palletized Products Posted by Richard E. (Ben) Bendever to Tips & Techniques

   I will be the first to confess that this technique is NOT the construction of a complete pallet. This technique is to "create" the illusion that the detail/stack is resting on a pallet. For this How To Technique, I will use HO scale 2" x 4"s about 9/16" long for the risers which enable a forklift or pallet jack to get under the pallet to lift it and move it.

Stacks 'O Sacks-Row on Floor (4pcs)
Scale Model Masterpieces HO/N/S/O

Castings are composed of UNFINISHED Labstone (some resin) parts and Finish is Required... We Recommend Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains! If assembly is needed using most CA cements and painting may be completed by hand or an air...SEE Lots More Stacks o' Sacks in all Scales Here!

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