February Updates-New & Forgotten?

  We have so much going on it is really impossible to mention everything in even one or two Newsletters. Just in the Doctor Ben's and Scale Model Masterpieces website are assembled and ready for activation. Interested buyers of the businesses will get a better idea of exactly what is included with each business. We will also activate each website for sales and Newsletter subscribers. More to come as soon as we can find time! And, if you missed the announcement in a previous Newsletter, a SSL Certificate was installed on our www.debenllc.com website. You may now see the "https" designation (and Google Padlock) indicating that all pages AND images are secure as per the new Google prerequisite. The down side is that all the Product "Likes" were zero-ed out and the Like Button may not be checked when you visit a product. If you Like the product, PLEASE check the Like box. Thank You!
  A strange Blog Report this week that the White House (USA) has released an Executive Order requiring all commerce platforms (Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, etc.) to ensure that their sellers are not on the new Custom and Border Blacklist. We do try to stay clear of any political issues. I would be more interested in an Executive Order requiring all commerce platforms to require all Seller to only have a single account instead of the mass of Sellers who have 15-30 accounts selling the exact same products with the exact same images and descriptions with the only difference of the the prices being a penny of so apart--Good grief!
  Thank you to everyone who participated in our quickly assembled Super Bowl Special. We're scrambling really hard to get your order packed along with all the other orders that continue to pour in from all over the world. Debbie and I sincerely appreciate your business. Please tell your friends; it's our only advertising!. Forgotten! See you in the Hobby Room...
 "What's New & Forgotten?"
  In case you not yet seen it, the Doctor Ben’s Scale Consortium Product Flyer 2020 is available and typically included in all the orders that we ship out every single day. Something new we are offering in 2020 is the opportunity for Customers to both download and print the 2020 Product Flyer in both pdf & jpg format. CLICK on the image at right to go to our website and find out about the plethora of Doctor Ben's products that we ship work wide! 
  And not to be forgotten is the more informative Doctor Ben’s Scale Consortium 2020 Catalog which has a lot more Doctor Ben's product information than the Flyer.

Vertical Round Steel Tank 7-Tank Set *SPECIAL*  
Scale Model Masterpieces/Yorke #9010 MULTI-SCALE
   Also available individually, all five "former" Thomas A Yorke Round Tanks are available in this neat seven tanks set. All the information about sizes and more is found in the set description and image. For more of our Tanks n' Stuff (Multi-Scale) click the Tanks 'n Stuff link! Be sure to go to Page Two for even more tanks. Speaking of tanks, here's a new one ...

 Elevated Horizontal Rectangular Tank  (1kit)
Scale Model Masterpieces/Yorke #9005 MULTI-SCALE
   Yep, this is the 1" x 2" Rectangular Tank now elevated to whatever level it is that you desire. Need a spout to fill the tanks of this locos? Got them too ... CLICK HERE!  FYI I've not had the time to satin and weather the Pilot Model for this product. What you see is the model in all it's naked beauty! (Size: 2" x 1" x 2-1/4" tall) #9005 (LabStone)

And want another Tank Teaser? Oh yeah, you've been waiting for this one for a very long time ...
Elevated Horizontal Round Tank  (1kit)
  Yes, this one is in the works and just waiting on the Laser cut Bents to mock up the pilot model. Stay tuned!

Two Stall Shortline/Industrial Engine House Kit UPDATE!
Scale Model Masterpieces/Yorke HO/1:87
  You may have missed this announcement last year. LASER cut trusses for this kit are the standard material replacing the Precision Cut trusses originally offered way back when. If you had ever built one of the 1980 versions, you may well remember that the trusses for both the HO & O scale kits were scratch built from a drawing. 
  Although we've received a lot of positive feedback from those with the original Precision Cut versions we just felt that building this kit would be a better modeling experience with the LASER cut trusses. I know that the LASER trusses adds a little cost, but the 1/16" thick bass plywood is a lot more stable when constructing the roof truss assembly--not impossible, but easier. If I can do it with my RA and AMD, I hope that others will be able to build this kit as well. Also, there is an option to NOT receive the LASER cut truss set and receive the Template Drawing to scratchbuild the trusses and save some money at the same time! Feel free to call for assistance ... CLICK HERE to go to product
HO Corrugated Material Roofing/Siding-Aluminum & Composite Cardstock
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium

Just a few years ago DEBenLLC purchase the "original" Sequoia Scale Models tooling for N, HO, S & O scale Corrugated Materials. Since then, we have introduced of the HO Metallic Cardstock Corrugated Material we have received multiple Positive Reviews for this high quality scale craftsman product. We promise that you too will find this product accurate to scale and incredibly easy to use. We hope that you will share your experiences with your fellow modelers!... Part Number: DBZ6210
Railroad Tie Lumber Stacks (2pcs) Scale Model Masterpieces HO
 Set consists of  2pcs-1-1/8 inch square x 5/8 inch tall Each High Quality Labstone casting is a stack is constructed of  3/32" x 1/8" x 1-1/8" long simulated ties. The stacks in this image are simple stained/washed with Doctor Ben's Realistic Oak Weathering Stain (#1081) and then a diluted was of Doctor Ben's Instant Age Weathering Solution (#1152). Yes, it's that simple ... this is weathering & NOT rocket science!
We're L@@KING FOR: The Crossing/Telegrapher's Shanty Kit by Thomas Yorke Ent O-152
We have the other six kits in this series but this elusive kit has been a little more difficult to find. Please contact us via email, facebook, telephone if you have this kit available to sell, loan or trade!
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