Happy Pi & St. Pat's Day!!

  Yes, March 14th is "Happy Pi Day" as in 3.14 ... Get it!? And for those of you who model 1/64 scale will soon be celebrating Nation S Scale Day (3/16" - 1 foot). And, March 17th is St. Patrick's Day,; or as some think of it as an excuse to love drinking green beer! Debbie & I are still adjusting to the Spring Forward of the clock in accordance to the Daylight Saving Time and the official first day of Spring is just a week away! Hopefully, Spring with bring many folks a Winter thaw and we're all praying for some calmer weather.
   All that said, many of you are aware of the health issues that I deal with day-to-day and and although things for me are currently stable, we never know when something is going to occur. The recent dislocation of my left hip is a prime example. Debbie and I have decided that now is the time to put our Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium and Scale Model Masterpieces/Yorke Ent business for sale. Please feel free to share this information with friends, family & individuals who you think might be interested in purchasing a thriving, turn-key operation. For details our phone is 770-666-8100 and email is customer.servicedebenllc.comWe will keep you posted on interests and changes in this opportunity. 
  And if you're in town, don't forget the 2019 Model Train Show Cobb Galleria Center, Downtown Atlanta, GA March 16th and 17th, 2019, Saturday:10 - 5 & Sunday: 10 - 4 Admission: $10 Adults - Kids 8 and under are FREE! Scouts in Uniform get free admission. Please go to our Facebook page for more info.  Anyway,we're crazy busy here and thought that you might be interested in some of the stuff that we're doing.

Two-Stall Shortline/Industrial Engine House Kit "Details Set" 
Scale Model Masterpieces HO (foot print: 9-3/8"lg x 6"wide)

  The Pilot Model (see image at right) set up as a two-track "drive though" with the lean-to normally position on the rear of the facility has been repurposed addition to the side thanks to the Option to add a rear sliding door set to the back opening..

   Even though we have already sold so many of this kit without listing the "gi-normous" Details Set" (over a half of a pound of parts), we finally found an opportunity to assembly all the Scale Model Masterpieces details for this kit together in a single image (SEE image below left). Just to name a few of these details they include three fuel/oil/water tanks of different sizes, bunch of boxes & cans, hay bales; cabinets, shelving, firewood, stacks of sacks, covered pallets, stacks of all kinds of stuff, all  the typical stuff found inside and outside and around a busy two-stall Industrial engine house. Plus, this kit include one (1) Inspection Pit & Bridge Plate (SMM5005) with the Option to add another. This is a very Limited Time offer and then the Inspection Pit/Bridge Plate will become an Add-On Option at time of purchase. CLICK HERE for more about this amazing kit ...

Elevated 250 Gallon Fuel Oil Tank (1kit) HO Scale
Scale Model Masterpieces (formerly Cal Freight & Thomas Yorke) 
Size: 3/4" long X 5/8" height x 3/16" wide

  SMM Detail Parts are composed of UNFINISHED Labstone/Dental Stone Castings & wood-Assembly & Finish Required.
  Also available in O Scale!
Heavy Duty Pivoting Jib Crane Kit Multi-Scale
Grandt/Tichy Train Group  Multi-Scale
  This Heavy Duty Pivoting Jib Crane was used for moving lifting heavy loads from one place to another place such as a truck or flatcar. These cranes would be found on station platforms, railroad yards, engine houses and many other industrial locations.
  Often these jib cranes would be used to lift a wheelset for repair or replacement as well as transferring from a flatcar to the tracks.. A TYPICAL USE WOULD TO LIFT
  This kit is plastic injection molded including cable. This item is one (1) kit and assembly and finish and weathering is required.
Handcar & Pushcar Kit-1-Set/Kit Std Gauge
 HO-HOn3/HOn30-(may be modified for narrow gauge)
Scale: HO Handcar & Pushcar Kit Set (See Image)
Handcar may be constructed with or without seats. Instructions are included. 
This kit is plastic injection molded including cable. This item is one (1) kit and assembly and finish and weathering is required.
Stacks 'O Sacks-Laying On the Ground, Piled up, On a Pallet - Many Configurations and Sizes!
N / HO / S / O Scales!
These Scale Model Masterpieces Labstone Detail Parts are composed of UNFINISHED and often UNASSEMBLED High Quality, nearly flawless Labstone castings-Assembly & Finish Required.  SEE MORE HERE!
Weathering Pigment Flavor-of-the-Week:
Woodland Green Weathering Pigment-2oz
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium
  All Doctor Ben's Weathering Solutions are available in 2 ounce wide-mouth recyclable jars individually and in money-saving 27-jar & 8-jar sets as well as an 11-Color Pigment Sampler Set. CLICK HERE to find out more!
"The St. Matthew's School House" Historical Kit
by Scale Model Masterpieces formerly Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises
Updated Kit! HO/HOn3/HOn2/HOn30
 Footprint: 2-1/2" wide x 4-1/2' long
. Small in stature; huge in detail, the prototype for this structure was one of the hundreds of photographs done for the Farm Security Administration by Walker Evans. The photo for this particular inspiration was about 1936 somewhere in Alabama. This structure is a complete freestanding structure that may be used alone or combined with other period structures. Continued Here!
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