Spring has Sprung! ... Sort of

  Happy first Day (or night) of Spring beginning at 5:58PM EDST. Last weekend was the first weekend that it didn't rain here in Central Georgia and it looks like this weekend will not only be dry, but also temperatures in the low 70's!
  Did you catch the brief note about the new look of our www.debenllc.com website? As we slowly begin the sale process and the transition of creating a Doctor Ben's website and a Scale Model Masterpieces website, we are getting some housekeeping done on our primary website. Lot's of folks are kind of nervous about our decision to sell but unlike the announcement from NWSL last week to close it's door the end of August, we're not closing our doors anytime soon. As long as both businesses continue to attract customers and generate income things are business as usual. It is my health issues that are driving our decision to sell our businesses expecting that new owners might take these successful businesses that we've created to the next level of both returning to Vendor attendance at conventions and hobby shows as well as ramp up the online videos needed that are so successful for today's thriving businesses.
  All that said, if you didn't have an opportunity to attend the Atlanta Model Train Show last weekend, I was told by multiple customers who did attend that the Show was a good one. Awesome! We've got a mix of Products & Techniques as well as lot's of other stuff in this Newsletter ... Hope that you find it useful in your modeling efforts! See you in the Hobby Room...
Tips & Techniques: Layering Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains

  One of the most popular Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains is the Rustic Barn Red (#1089). Also, one of the Doctor Ben's Weathering Stains that frightens some customers the most is the Rustic Barn Red. This is because when modelers see the Rustic Barn Red in the jar it looks to be a glowing red-pink color which is one of the last colors a modelers may want to see on their favorite structure or model. Sounds like a conundrum, right? CLICK on the image to read on ...

How-To: Build the Scale Model Masterpieces "Practice Wall Kit"

   Over the past few years, since we purchase the Thomas A. Yorke Enterprises. Structure kit line (now Scale Model Masterpieces), we have been slowly updating many kits, including this "Practice Wall Kit" (#3101 & #9101). It is official; we have a great new look for an old friend! Our kit instructions will reference this Blog Posting to supplement the kit instructions... Continued Here! Get your Practice Wall Here!

Product Spotlight: Relay Boxes

  One of the really popular details people get this time of year are Relay Boxes. Relay Boxes add a nice detail of realism and when you can find them like Labstone castings for a reasonable price, they're just too hard to pass up!

Railroad Relay/Electronics Cabinets (4pcs 3/4"t x 5/8"w x 3/8"deep) N, HO, S, & O Scale
  Detail Parts are composed of UNFINISHED/UNASSEMBLED Natural Labstone castings/parts-Assembly & Finish may be Required. Assembly using most plastic cements and painting may be completed by hand or an air brush. Want to know how to weather your finished model? Scroll down to find out how!

Doctor Ben's How-To #1: Turning Toys into Models" FREE booklet Offer
Just remember, you must purchase at least $20 of Doctor Ben's Product(s) AND have added the How-To #1 Booklet to your Shopping Cart for the Promotion Code to work.  Otherwise, you get a stupid error that tells you that you ave not done the above mentioned! And yes, you may still purchase products other than Doctor Ben's Products to take advantage of this Promotion. Copy & paste this Promotion Code in the Apply Coupon box : Free-How-To-#1

Two-Stall Shortline/Industrial Engine House Kit "Details Set
Scale Model Masterpieces HO Structure (foot print: 9-3/8"lg x 6"wide)

  The Pilot Model (see image at right) set up as a two-track "drive though" with the lean-to normally position on the rear of the facility has been re-purposed addition to the side thanks to the Option to add a rear sliding door set to the back opening..

   Even though we have already sold so many of this kit without listing the "gi-normous" Details Set" (over a half of a pound of detail parts), we finally found an opportunity to assembly all the Scale Model Masterpieces details for this kit together in a single image (SEE image below left). Just to name a few of these details they include three fuel/oil/water tanks of different sizes, bunch of boxes & cans, hay bales; cabinets, shelving, firewood, stacks of sacks, covered pallets, stacks of all kinds of stuff, all  the typical stuff found inside and outside and around a busy two-stall Industrial engine house. Plus, this kit include one (1) Inspection Pit & Bridge Plate (SMM5005) with the Option to add another. This is a very Limited Time offer and then the Inspection Pit/Bridge Plate will become an Add-On Option at time of purchase. CLICK HERE for more about this amazing kit ..

Gazette Magazine-55% Off & Frre Economy Postage...Limited Time!
  That's right, this is a Sale of all remaining NG&SL Gazette magazine Individual Issues AND Annual Sets on our website. The only limits are a Minimum $25 spend.
  Also, if two people purchase the last copy/set of any listing, the person who pays first gets the magazine & the other person gets a refund. Quantities are limited as is the time for this promotion! Remember; Spend Minimum $25 AND Free Economy Postage! Use the 
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