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    It is now official! We will be headed to be with Debbie's soon-to-be 102 year old Mother to *finally* celebrate her B-Day. We had hoped to have a small gathering of close relatives and some G-Children, but Mom’s Doctor “strongly” suggested that Mom NOT be that exposed. So it will just be most of the siblings and spouses. Good news for us is that we will be headed to Maryland/Delaware in about three weeks. We will be gone for about two weeks and orders placed during the times we are away will be process when we return. BTW I plan on eating my weight in Maryland Crab Cakes and Ocean City Board Walk Fries!
  The image at right is a water tower built by long-time friend Scott Perry. Scott says he "built this scratch-built water tank with Dr. Ben's stains, weathering powders and an ink/alcohol wash. Looks great!" I remember 16 years ago when we moved here to Georgia and Scott invited me to join his model railroad operating group (I DID tell them that I was NOT a model train person) and we all met at the Norcross Depot for a Christmas Dinner. After dinner I presented each of the ten members with a jar of Doctor Ben's Black Soot Weathering Pigment (#DBZ1340) and before I could warn them to open the pigment "slowly", Scott and a couple of other promptly open the jar and and received a shower of pure, black weathering pigment. Fortunately, most everyone that the experience was funny. The pigment jars can be quite full!
  Time to get back to makings products for orders. We hope that you and your family safe and well. Thank you again for being a Subscriber and your continued business. We'll See You in the Hobby Room ... just as soon we get caught up on these orders!
Rustic Scale Lumber-Natural Finish Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium - Multi-Scale

  When I first began building Fine Scale Miniatures kits (manufactured by George Sellios) many years ago, the part that I enjoyed the most was the realistic weathering and scenicing. Nothing irked me more than to build a model in a brand new, pristine condition. I began looking for something more that what the FSM instructions offered. Don't get me wrong, I owe a great deal of what I learned about building models  Each Package Contains 300+ Pieces of 3/64''x 9/64''x 5-1/2''long. CLICK HERE to access this product.


  Scale Model Masterpieces (former Thomas A Yorke Ent.)  
Size: 1/4" to 5/8" diameter x 5/16" to 1/2" tall #SMM9311

This product includes one (1) set of 29 Old Tree Stumps shown at right and does NOT include the scenery. These detailed, high-quality Labstone Old Tree Stumps are a natural light tan color and accept paints and stains very well.

Want to know the easiest & fastest way to realistically stain & weather stumps?  We have the *Tips & Techniques* article for you in our Blog! 
Staining & Weathering Tree Stumps with Doctor Ben's, Blog Archives, August 2015

 These Scale Model Masterpieces products are composed of UNFINISHED /UNASSEMBLED Natural  Labstone casting parts-Assembly & Finish Required.  Assembly using Doctor Ben's Hypo-Cement for  tiny delicate parts as well as most plastic cements  and painting may be completed by hand or an air  brush. Want to know how to weather your finished  model? Scroll down to find out how! The above image best describes this item  assembled (required) & its design.

Plywood/Wooden Crates/Boxes-(3pcs-LabStone)
Scale Model Masterpieces O/On3/On30/1:48

Description for this item:... C SCALE MODEL MASTERPIECES O/On3/On30/1:43/1:48-Scale... SMM Natural Resin Architectural, Locomotive, and Detail Parts for Model Railroading & Scale Modeling are 'unfinished, often, unassembled' parts that typically have multiples of the same item in the... Part Number: SMM9030 More Info Here!
11-Color Railroad Weathering Pigment Sampler Set & Booklet
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium-Multi Scale

Products Developed Directly from the Creations of NMRA National Award Winning Dioramas by Richard E. (Ben) Bendever... 11-Color Railroad Pack Industrial Weathering Pigment Set? #1315... Sampler Set for Amazing Results!... Included with this Industrial Pigment Set set is our *original* Doctor Ben's "How To #3: Weathering & Painting with... Part Number: DBZ1315 More Info Here!
Aged Driftwood Weathering Stain-4oz
Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium

Ready-To-Use Weathering Stains for Wood, Plastic, Hydrocal, Metal & Much More... Are you tired of the costly, smelly petroleum based weathering and painting products that seemingly evaporated overnight? Do you like paying $5.00 for a half ounce of these very same products? Good news, Doctor... Part Number: DBZ1065 Read More Here ...

Doctor Ben's Weathering Solution Spotlight:

   Instant Age #1152 Ready-To-Use Weathering Solution for Wood, Plastic, Hydrocal©, Metal & Much More-4oz Jar & 8oz, too!

  When I first began building Fine Scale Miniatures kits  (manufactured by George Sellios) many years ago, the part that I enjoyed the most was the weathering. Nothing irked me more than to build a model in a brand new, pristine condition. I began looking for something more that what the FSM instructions offered. Don't get me wrong, I owe a great deal of what I learned about building models from building early Thomas A. Yorke kits, Model Masterpieces kits, Builders in Scale kits, Timberline kits; heck, there's even a thing or two to learn from building the Campbell kits.

In my quest for the ultimate weathering process I remember that back in the 1980s India Ink and Alcohol were all the rave thanks to a number of popular modelers. And if not careful, it was very easy to "over" apply the mixture resulting in a dark, goth look when viewed under normal lighting covered up much of the model's detail.
  The Doctor Ben's Instant Age takes the original technique one step further with the inclusion of a Doctor Ben's Weathering Pigment. NOTE: Using another dry product to add to the India Ink technique may not work as well as using the Doctor Ben's because of quality and fillers in the other pro duct. 
Doctor Ben's 8-Color Solution Set #2

 My addition of the Doctor Ben's Weathering Pigment to the Instant Age Weathering Solution results in significant improvement creating a more dimensional look instead of just the India Ink laying on the surface of the model. But there are a couple of notes when using Instant Age. Originally, we packaged Instant Age as a "Ready-to-Use" product and customers complained it was too thin or diluted. Today's Instant Age is twice a strong as the original which allows the modeler more flexibility in the level of coverage when applying Instant Age. There is very light by simply slightly mixing the Instant age and dipping the brush tip in the very top of the Weathering Solution, or the other extreme is shake the heck out of the jar (lid tightly screwed on) and you've got really dark. I prefer to apply several light coats being sure to wait till each coat is dry and if I'm in a hurry, a hair dryer or heat gun with dry the Instant Age real quick.Much more detail is discussed in our Doctor Ben's How-To #1: Turning Toys into Models booklet and in our Blog Archive June 2015.

The long story short is that although my formula has changed over the years, AND, a lot of folks have tried real hard to copy my Doctor BeHow To #1 Bookletn's products, but they still haven't come close. Several even posed as 'friends' to get the formulas. Today, you can buy various weathering powders (NOTE: some are just ground artists chalk and/or tempra finger paint powders), and there are folks are offering stuff used to tint wet concrete (yes, really!), but nobody—nope nobody— has a weathering solution OR an industrial weathering pigment that will perform anything like the Doctor Ben's products do.

And for the record, these are the very same Weathering Stains & Solutions that I have demonstrated in the many Clinics and Model Shows and used to finish the plethora of Fine Scale Miniatures (FSM), Master Creations, Sequoia Models, Downtown Deco, Thomas Yorke, Scale Structures Ltd, Evergreen Hill Designs, Model Masterpieces Ltd, South River Model Works, and many other kits (including quite a bit of Athearn rolling stock) Doctor Ben's How To Booklet #1over the years that have been recognized as award winning, museum quality models.

Using this Doctor Ben's Product: Weathered Rust differs from Realistic Rust in that it is more like the rust that you would see on old farm equipment sitting out in the field—dampened by the morning dew slowly etching away at the metal surface. This product is a topical application that does not affect the surface integrity of the model. This product has built in adhesive polymers that enable it to stick to any surface. Get too much on and want to remove it? Not a problem, read on about all the great uses in our How To #1 booklet and in our website Blog.. You will not be disappointed.

Warehouse Shelving-Palleted Boxes/Sacks-Open (2pcs)
Scale Model Masterpieces / Thomas A Yorke Ent. N, HO,
 S & O
Scale Model Masterpieces DETAIL PARTS are composed of UNFINISHED/UNASSEMBLED Natural Labstone and Finish is Required. Assembly using most plastic cements and painting may be completed by hand or an air... More Here!

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