New L@@K for DEBENLLC Website & Ebay Store!
  About a month ago we sent you a newsletter that we had updated our Ebay Store which only has about  a third or less of the products that we have on our website. And; wait for it: the feedback and comments have been great!

  You may be able to log into our 'old' account using your email & password. If not, let us know & we'll try to sort it out for you. Otherwise, just create a 'new' account and check out our new postage calculator. The new postage calculator is amazingly accurate and for the first thirty days or so we will NOT be adding and S&H charges ($1.25).
   OK, that was the easy part; and 40 days later & a Beta Test later, we have the "NEW" DEBenLLC website. With nearly a thousand products we may not have all the bugs out, just yet. I'll bet a box of Krispy Kreme donuts that there are a few items with incorrect descriptions, too! The hard part was migrating the data & image over from the old websites to the "new" hosting. Fortunately, we have help from fellow custom modeler and web site techie Ron Pare ( helping out. Many thanks, Ron! 

   Thank you for your patience & understanding. Sincerely, Debbie & Richard Bendever
BTW Also, we will be bringing over he blog  as well as the Scale Model Masterpieces domain too! 


Ron Pare

Date 8/21/2014

First comment! yes...

Richard Bendever

Date 9/4/2014

Sent out MailChimp Newsletters today and lots of folks like the *new* website. We've also received orders (good news), but some folks chose the USPS Media Mail for their shipping choice when the choice should have been USPS First Class or Parcel Select. We disabled the Media Mail choice to prevent this from occurring again. We'll check with Tech Support to see if there isn't some way to prevent incorrect Shipping selection. Stay Tuned!

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